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What sea borders Kaesong?


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The Yellow Sea


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i have a friend who studied kaesong recently. his name is bob rebeib and he lives on 1234 street street......................keep dreaming, how should i know?!?

You would be in the Kyonggi Bay on the Yellow Sea. Kaesong, North Korea is near the border of South Korea.

Kaesong was created in 700.

The population of Kaesong is 308,440.

Kaesong Power is a football club found in Korea DPR at the city of Kaesong.

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The area of Kaesong is 1,309 square kilometers.

Kaesong is a city in the DPRK (North Korea), so relative to North Korea, Kaesong is within it. From the position of South Korea, Kaesong is to its north northwest.

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