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Q: What secret word you can make using the words SAT test girl taste and serene?
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What is another word for calm?

Harmonious, mild and serene are some other words for "calm".Eased, placid, soothing, serene, tranquil and hushed are some more words.

Other words for calm?

Tranquil, serene.

What words mean tranquil?

calm, serene.

What are the words meaning to peaceful that rhyme with lean?


Can you give me a sentence using the words 'revealed a secret'?

Drawing back the bushes revealed a secret entrance to the cave.

Words to describe the color blue?

Calming. Soothing. Tranquil. Serene.

Words that mean the same thing as calm?

Peaceful, serene, balmy

Which words means calm?

Relaxed, serene, docile, collected, peaceful.

What is difference between sensory and imagery?

Sensory is using the five senses (Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, Hear) to describe a feeling. Imagery is using words to describe a view.

What words are used to describe a quite place?

serene, peaceful, calm, silent, tranquil, hushed, content

What is the duration of The Secret Life of Words?

The duration of The Secret Life of Words is 1.92 hours.

What are the secret words in poke park wii?

I think that the secret words are love, peace, and rainbow.

When was The Secret Life of Words created?

The Secret Life of Words was created on 2005-10-21.

How many words are in supercalafragilisticexpialadocious?

So many that you can taste the rainbow. Go on, taste it!

What are the code words of the US Secret Service?

Code words of the Secret Service are ambiguous words, many of which are used to refer to U.S. presidents. They are not known to the general public.

What is the other name for taste?

There are several other words or synonyms for taste. These words include relish, sour, sweet, savor, bitter, aroma, and tang.

What word has the letters serbene?

I cannot find any words that use all 7 letters. However, serene uses 6 of the 7 letters.

What are the words associated with describing the Arts?

Words that are associated with describing the arts include magical, timely, serene, stunning, brilliant, and visionary. Other words that might describe the arts could include flowing, musical, fantastic, and awe inspiring.

What is another word for 'secret'?

Other words for secret are hidden, clandestine, protected.

Is serene global services pvt ltd is MNC or not?

No..its not. The company's credibility is questioned many times by many people. And were answered with harsh words by the company employees.

What word or words mean 'refined in taste?

Sophisticated means 'refined in taste' among other things.

What is the secret word for Phineas and Ferb?

okay, these are the secret words. BUBBLE shell and fish

What is the last words of elias in noli you tangere?


What is the length of the story Secret for Two?

A Secret for Two is a short story of approximately 1500 words.

What are words describing taste of soy sauce?