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What secretary of treasury helped establish the national bank?


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Alexander Hamilton, definitely. Yes. Alexander Hamilton. He's the guy. Alexander Hamilton...

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Alexander Hamilton i hopped i have helped you a little ;)

Yes, he did. He helped write the constitution and was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

This helped advance the principle of national supremacy.

Served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, helped write the Federalist papers, and was first Secretary of the Treasury.

Cordell Hull was the Secretary of State under president Franklin Roosevelt. He helped to establish the United Nations.

As far as I know, Gallatin was Jefferson's Secretary of the Treasury. This may or may not be the right answer, but Gallatin helped Jefferson complete his goals.

Samuel Chase, the only US Supreme Court Justice to be impeached (acquitted 1805) never appeared on currency. The $10,000 bill, which is no longer produced, carried an image of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase (no relation) because Chase had been Secretary of the Treasury and helped establish the country's banking system.

The people who helped establish our country are called our founding fathers. They can also sometimes be called our forefathers.

Alexander Hamilton was NOT a president atr all. He was the first Secratary of Treasury for Washington and he helped to start the first national bank and started the Federalist political party

In 1867 Naoroji helped establish the East India Association, one of the predecessor organizations of theIndian National Congress.

Secretary of Defense. Homeland Security to a stretch. Hope this helped.

she helped establish many colonies

Jefferson did, somewhat - he thought they could move west of the Mississippi/to their own zone of land where they couldn't be bothered. He helped them in that he wasn't for their total annihilation. Hamilton was Secretary of Treasury and didn't really have any concern for them since that wasn't his department. But judging by his views on slavery, he probably wasn't for Indian removal.

The people who helped establish Jamestown were English settlers including Captain Christopher Newport and Captain Edward Wingfield. Many of the settlers died during the first winter at Jamestown.

As Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces, the President is helped in making military decisions by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of each of the armed forces, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Advisor and the National Security Council.

William Penn received a charter/land which was turned into Pennsylvania. I'm not exactly sure what city the charter helped him establish, I just know that William Penn had to do with Pennsylvania. :)

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