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What sends radio waves in space?

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almost everything emitts radiowaves.they are the weakest and therefore easiest to produce therefore being the most common form of radiation.

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What device sends out radio waves?

radio, cell phones

What do baby monitors have to do with Electromagnetic waves?

The monitoring device is a radio transmitter that sends signals to the radio transmitter. Radio waves are a type of Electromagnetic waves.

How are pictures taken from space?

We send satellites and space probes equipped with cameras into space. The satellites and probes can be sent commands via radio waves, and the equipment then sends back digital photographs via radio as well.

What do radio waves bounce off of before returning to earth?

A radio sends its electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere where they bounce back to earth.

What is the study of radio waves from space?

radio astronomy...:)

Study of radio waves from space?

radio astronomy

Why radio waves can travel through space but sound waves cannot?

radio astronomy

Are radio waves dangerous to living organisms?

A cellular phone is basically a radio that sends signals on waves to a base station, so yeah, radio waves are dangerous to living organisms as well.

Which electromagnetic waves are used for communication in space?

radio waves

An instrument that collects radio waves from space?

Radio Telescopes.. :)

What is the Study of radio waves from space called?

Radio - Astronomy

What can detect radio waves from objects in space?

A radio telescope.

Which type of modification of radio waves sends signals the farthest?

amplitude modulation

How spacewave came back to the earth?

Radio waves are often referred to as space waves because they have the ability to move through space. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation.

Why can radio waves travel through space but sound waves can not?

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

How do you communicate to earth from space?

radio waves

What do people explore space with?

Radio Waves! (:

Can radio waves travel in space?

yes they can

How do radio telescopes discover unknown bodies in space?

with radio waves

What is a Star that sends out pulses of light and radio waves in regular bursts called?

A pulsar.

Waves that do not requir matter to carry energy through space?

Radio waves and light waves.

How do radio telescopes work?

Huge, dish shaped radio telescopes pick up radio waves from space. The dish gathers the signals and reflect them onto an aerial. The aerial sends electrical signals to a receiver, then to a computer, which converts them into a false-colour radio picture.

What weather instrument sends out radio waves to see hundreds of kilometres?

You may be thinking of weather RADAR. It sends out radio waves, some of them bounce off of rain, snow, or the boundaries of layers in the atmosphere, and the radar receiver detects the waves that bounce off of something and come back.

What is a device used to detect radio waves from objects in space?

Radio Telescope

A device used to detect radio waves from objects in space?

A radio telescope

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