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Men are not generic and there is no single answer to your question. See the following opinions from contributors:

  • Most men prefer the so called "doggy style" position. It is where a woman will get on all fours and a man will be on his knees behind her. It works well for anal sex as well as vaginal sex. When in doggie style position the under vein of the males penis is in perfect position on the pelvic bone of the girl. That vein intensifies male pleasure when hit right.
  • All positions
  • That all depends on the man and on what he feels like at the time. However regardless of position to a man sex is like Pizza, of if it is bad its still pretty good.
  • The best sexual position for a man is the one that is most enjoyable for the woman. Most positions give enough stimulation to the male, but stimulation of females has more variables. So if a guy finds the position where she is the most turned on, her enthusiasm for sex will make it much more enjoyable to him.
  • It depends; I've been told that girl-on-top feels best for the guy. But some guys like to be in control, so they like to be on top. While others like to watch the girl riding them.
  • My two favorite positions are reverse cowgirl (preferably anal) and doggy style. The reverse cowgirl is definitely best if she is barefoot and rests her feet on my legs with her legs spread wide open, leans back and bounces repetitively until I come.
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Q: What sexual position do men enjoy the most?
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