What shall we do your ever increasing population?

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Hi My Name is Sachin Khandelwal.


Population growth is a huge problem, contributing to numerous

environmental and health problems across the globe. More people

means that the planet's resources are stretched ever thinner,

leading to deforestation for farmland, urban overcrowding and the

spread of horrible diseases. The way to halt population growth is

simple on the surface---have fewer children---but the precise way

to achieve that has created a great deal of controversy.

A simple and direct means to encourage people to have fewer

children is through the use of government incentives: offering tax

breaks or similar methods provided families stop growing after

having two children. Governments can further encourage the trend by

funding education projects and ways to inform the populace about

the costs of raising more than a set number of children. According

to me, using the carrot instead of the stick, people will be more

inclined to choose to have smaller families.

Education in family planning---particularly among women---has

been linked statistically to reduced population growth.Improved

primary education also reduces infant mortality, which gives women

greater confidence in the survival of their children and reduces

their desire to have also leads to improved quality of life

as parents become more aware of the options available to their


Birth control remains a controversial solution to the question

of population growth.Access to family planning and to condoms and

similar forms of birth control allows women to make more informed

choices, limiting the number of children they have and easing the

strain on global resources.

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