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What shampoo is not tested on animals?


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All cosmetics from Asda, Superdrug and Sainsbury's in the UK contain no animal products and weren't tested on animals.

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Shampoo and toothpaste are tested on animals.

The claims of the manufactures of the Kerastese shampoo are that the product is never tested on animals. Even though there is advertisement that says the shampoo is just a big chemical mix of products that have never been tested on animals or people for that matter

Absolutely no KMS products are tested on animals. They strongly believe against animal testing.

so,e type of products that are being tested on animals are things like shampoo, deodorant, drugs, household product and medicine.

Aussie ShampooSauve I believe is, not sure.PanteneYou'll have to google for more.Non-tested Animal Shampoos:Sunsilk Shampoo: Great shampoo, along with the other products!(keep adding to the list!)

Alterna Hemp shampoo does not containt any animal ingredients

Yes, Batiste is owned by Church & Dwight, a company which tests its products on animals.

Almost all of the major brands. The organic lines usually don't.

yes it has been proven to be fine not tested on real animals

lots of things like shampoo,medicane,hairspary and much more

Some products like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are tested on animals. This is not good for animals and the people who do it are cruel and inhumane.

they are animals that have undergone an experiment like having shampoo in their eyes to see if it hurts or forced to drink pesticides to see what the effects are

There are numerous products that are tested on animals. Some examples include medications, shampoo, cosmetics, perfumes, cleaners, and hair dyes.

shampoo,pesticides,disease cures,cloning,toothpaste etc. all of this has been tested to see if it is safe on animals before it is sold to humans, thousands of animals have to undergo alot of pain,stress and suffering from having these products tested on them before they are aloud to be sold to consumers

In my opinion no. i believe that animals should be treated as equals compared to humans. Some companies test shampoo on animals but why not humans? i think they believe that if something happens to the tested animal i.e. rash then they can improve the shampoo but if a human is tested then they get a rash or infection, then they coiuld get the company in trouble, but that is just my opinion

According to, Aussie products are not tested on animals, but other websites claim (though without sources apart from their own opinions), that Aussie products are tested on animals, since Aussie is owned by Proctor and Gamble, a company that formally supports animal testing.

Tested on dumb animals - To use on dumb animals This is effective because it makes us think that we are dumb animals to test on them. More possible slogans: Animal testing isn't just applying products, but also making animals eat them. People don't use flea shampoo, so don't test human shampoo on dogs. Shouldn't products for humans be tested on humans? This product is inmate tested.

Tresemme is not tested on animals animals it says on the back of the bottle u by not tested on animals

no its not tested on animals

Lots of types. Including, shampoo,cosmetics,medicene and many more. Almost if not anything is tested on an animal.

1. Shampoo 2. Conditioner 3. Baby products 4. Soap 5. Lotion 6. Etc.

probably even shampoo says they sometimes use animal testing normally lower brands

I am HIGHLY against animal testing but as all thing there are pro's and con's...... If people tested shampoo on humans and it was poisonous then that person might die. If an animal tested shampoo then that a loss, but there are LOADS of different types/breeds of animals and it wont affect the world that bad.

no it isn't tested on animals !!

M.A.C. is not tested on animals.

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