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The ones listed on the barrel. Stay away from steel shot.

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How old is figurine marked Japan?

Antique figurines marked with Japan or Occupied Japan can be looked at by an antique appraiser to determine the age. The most collected figurines from Japan are from the 1930s and 1940s.

When was the name Japan changed to occupied Japan?

Hi,...Marks on export porcelain: In 1891 the McKinley Tariff Act was instated, requiring items imported into the United States to be marked in English with the country of origin. The name "Nippon" was chosen for items coming from Japan. (Nippon is the Japanese name for Japan.) In 1921, the official country of origin name requirement was changed to "Japan", thus creating a defined time period 1891-1921 in which wares were marked Nippon. Previous to 1891, items were either not marked at all, or marked with Japanese characters. During the period 1921-1941 porcelain should be marked "Japan" and roughly after 1941, marked "Made in Japan", though numerous exceptions appears to occurs. Pieces marked with JAPAN or MADE IN JAPAN in plain text without any company marks, in general date to the period immediately after the second WW. Some come with the addition of OCCUPIED JAPAN.

How much is a Lefton Strawberry sugar dish with plastic spoon marked Japan worth?

plastic spoon marked Japan, will have no much value, but as long as you appreciate it, it will be the highest value.

Why did divers for fish and shells wear tattoos in ancient japan?

Because it was a tradition back in acicient Japan, so divers fish and shells were tattoos for the tradition and if men didn't have one 'to the ecucution room'!

Are products made in Japan still marked made in Japan?

Yes. Boycott Japan until they stop slaughtering dolphins shamelessly.

What is browning auto5 12ga sn06261 pv211 japan made worth and made?

Made in 1985. Value depends on what someone is willing to pay. Check closed on line auctions to see what they are selling for.

What events marked the end of world war 2?

The surrender of Germany and Japan.

When was Kara Special Premium Box for Japan created?

Kara Special Premium Box for Japan was created on 2010-04-28.

What was significant about Russo-Japanese War?

It marked the first major victory of Imperial Japan against an industrial power and also showed the weakening strength of the Russian Empire. This marked Japan entrance into the role of a major world power

What are the special customs and traditions celebrated in Japan?

Some special customs in Japan are their eyes, the way they wear their hair and how far they walk each day!

Which Pokemon episode did Ash kiss May on japan?

chrisrmas special of japan episode 357

Why are seasons so special to Japan?

they are all the the same.

When was it required to stamp made in Japan on pottery and porcelain?

Here are the why and how, also the the time, an excerpt and the site:The case of Nippon or Japanese Porcelain marks is a bit more peculiar. The word "NIPPON" is the official name of the country of Japan and Japanese makers and trading companies initially marked their porcelain with the name Nippon. However, in 1921, the US Congress requested that Japanese Customs Authorities change the name to JAPAN. Therefore, Porcelain and China antiques that are marked "NIPPON" were made prior to 1921 and items that are marked "JAPAN" were made after 1921. Furthermore, most Porcelain and Chinaware imports from Japan were rarely marked with the actual manufacturer's mark.* http://www.marks4antiques.com/Identify-Porcelain-Antiques.htm

Why is origami so special to japan?

Origami is so special to Japan is because it originates from Japan when they first became a civilization. It correlates with their one of their primary religion, Shinto. Shinto is the belief of nature and that everything in nature has their own soul.

Where is the Browning 525 Hunter lightweight made?

It will be marked on the barrel or receiver. Most likely Japan or Portugal.

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