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Q: What ship's lookout was miffed when his request for binoculars was denied in 1912?
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Can you give me a sentence with the word miffed?

She was upset. In fact, she was miffed.

How do you use miffed in a sentence?

He was miffed that she didn't return her calls. I was miffed that you went off to work without saying good bye. Jason was miffed that the accountant forgot about their appointment.

What does miffed mean?

As in "I'm Miffed" ? It usually means angry, annoyed, or mad.

What is miffed in a sentence?

When you are really annoyed you could say, "If you break that bike I'm gonna be miffed."

Give you a sentence with the word miffed?

"when the board of directors overlooked the investor's proposals she tried to understand but was miffed by their refusal to listen."

which word dosnt belong in the list skiff tiff miffed rift?


What is another word for miffed?

annoyed irritated

Is Taylor miffed a moshling on moshi monsters?


What rhymes with miffed?

gift, lift, sift

What is a five letter word for More miffed?


What rhymes with sniffed?

miffed, tiffed, whiffed, or lift

What rhymes with stiffed?

Drift, gift, lift, miffed.

What is worse miffed or upset?

Upset, miffed just means not good, upset means that you actually can't live with it, Glad to help! O O U

Does in a pet mean miffed?

Yes, "in a pet" means miffed. Reference 13 July 2012 crossword puzzle; 18 across; News & Messenger; page B4.

What are the release dates for Drew Hastings Irked and Miffed - 2008 TV?

Drew Hastings Irked and Miffed - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 6 May 2008 (DVD premiere)

Give you a sentence that has a word miff in it?

still miffed about a donkey comment

What does the slang word miff mean?

To be miffed is to be slightly angry or irritated.

Which word doesn't belong in this group skiff tiff miffed rift?


6 letter words with 3rd and 4th letter F?

buffer, miffed, tuffet

What are some other words other for angry?

mad, irate, miffed, annoyed, pissed, ticked

Why cat have tail?

for balanse, and you can also tell if a cat is angry or miffed, or maybe just bored.

How do you get Taylor miffed?

well she isn't a moshling hopefully she does but for now shes a singer on moshi monsters.

What rhymes with gift for a poem?

lift, rift, shift, sift, thrift, miffed, whiffed, drift

What classic rock guitarist is miffed at not being invited to perform at the 2012 London Olympics?

Jimmy Page

What rhymes with shift?

Drift, lift, miffed, rift, shrift.Lift rhymes with shift.swift, lift, sift, rift