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Either a full choke,or extra full choke shotgun barrel.

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Q: What shot gun choke is best for shooting buck shot?
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Can you shot buck shot with model 58 with poly choke?


Should you use improve cylinder or modified to hunt deer?

if your are shooting buck shot i think either should work fine however if you are shooting slugs choke tubes are not recommended and you shout get a slug barrel which does no accept choke tubes and has no threads

What kind of choke should you use for deer if you are shooting a stoeger p350 12 gauge pump with federal 3 inch 00 buckshot magnum with fifteen pellets?

Full choke for all buck shot.

What choke tube would you use if shooting 00 buck shot from a browning citori?

You would use a full,or extra full choke if using 00buck for hunting purposes.If for self protection thats up to you.

Remington 1100 modified choke can you shoot double ott buck shot through it?

Is it a screw in choke?

Can you shoot steel shot out of your 870 Remington?

yes, but you shouldn't shoot it with a full choke. make sure you have a modified or improved cylinder choke in the gun before shooting non-toxic shot.

Can you shoot 00 buck shot out of any choke tube?

Yes, you can fire buck thru any type choke. However this does not mean it will work better, as smaller shots do. It is very easy to over-choke buckshot. Most smaller shot does not have as much of a problem as with 00 buck. As the shot goes through the choke "if too tight" the shot smashes into each other and the barrel and deforms the round shot, with flat edges. This can give you a "card" reaction. If you flip a card through the air you will see it doesn't fly straight but flips all over. This is what happens to over-chocked 00 to a lesser extent. Some chokes are even dangerous with 00 buck. Take a 90% Turkey choke. This could blow the end of your barrel off. Talk to every manufacture out there and they will tell you modified choke is recommended for 00. With smaller buck you may be able to tighten up a bit.. but you will not get a better pattern. At 50 yards on a modified choke with 00 you will get 1 or 2 pellets. Smaller shot will grant more.

Can you shoot 000 buck in full choke shot gun?

Unless the manufacturer specifically says you can't, call them first.

What is the best size shot to shoot from your 12 gauge 28barrel single shot?

#4 buck shot

What is the Best choke to use for target shooting?

A full choke,I believe, would be best for targets. I have been a past president of Oak Hill Conservation Club and we have spot shoots to raise money for our club. I can tell you that over 90% of our patrons choose to use a full choke claiming it tends to keep the group tight to get more shot into the target.

What choke do you use to shoot slugs in your shotgun?

Open, you don't want any restriction when shooting slugs because they don't compress like shot will I use an improved cylinder choke.

What is the choke on a Savage model 69RXL Series E shotgun?

A savage model 69RXL Series E is a Law Enforcement Riot Gun with an 18" barrel and an open choke for use with #00 Buck Shot.

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