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Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Usually its more personal if you ask her when it is just her and yourself. Good Luck!

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What time is lunch time in Tokyo?

Anytime between noon and 3 o'clock they eat lunch

Should kids be able to sit werever they want in lunch?

yes, kids should be able so sit where they want at lunch because then they can sit with their friends from other classes.

When are you supposed to eat breakfast?

Breakfast should be eaten between 6:00-10:30am. Anytime after breakfast is considered lunch, brunch or dinner.

How do you tell a colleague you don't want to go on lunch with them?

A kind, I don't have anytime, or if you know the colleague well then tell him or her that you do not want to have lunch with them.

Should you eat lunch with your boyfriend and his friends?

if you've been together a short time no, eat with your girls. when finished eating go over to your boy, or even better he should come to you when he is finished with his lunch. possibly even bringing his friends to meet yours.

Should middle school students be able to sit wherever they want during lunch?

Educators have various ideas about this. Some think that lunch should be a very relaxed time and that students should sit with their friends. Other educators believe that it is good for students to learn to spend time with various people and to make new friends, and that lunch is the ideal time for this kind of socializing.

Is it weird if your girlfriend eats lunch with guys you don't know?

Only if she attempts to exclude you. All your friends should now be mutual friends.

If a guy paid for your lunch should you pay for his lunch next time?

If you work together and are just friends the next time you go for lunch tell him you insist it's your treat. If you are becoming serious about each other then let him keep paying.

What time is lunch?

Lunch is normally a midday meal, coming anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM. As a designated time in a work schedule, it can come at any time.

What if you want to talk to your friends at lunch?

Talk To Them.

Should a 6th grader be allowed to go out to lunch with friends?

yeah if there's a adult with them and if they all with a person that is 16 or older

Lunch invitation letter sample?

A lunch invitation letter should include the occasion for the lunch. The invitation letter should also include the location and time of the lunch.

How do you use the word lunch in a sentence?

Let's break for lunch. I'm hungry for lunch, already.

How do you Do frendship with a girl?

You talk to her, sit at lunch with her. Be friends.

What is the best kind of lunch box i should get?

The best kind of lunch box is an insulated lunch box. You should try it because it is really good.

How long should high school lunches be?

they should be about 60 min because i think it's fair for everybody to have enough to eat their food and vist with friends during lunch.

Should students have longer lunch breaks in middle schools?

should students have longer lunch periods

What should i have for lunch?

Lunch should be hygienic, must Include vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Source -

When do most pedestrians get struck by cars?

They can get struck at anytime. But the most popular times are: In the early morning Dusk Just after lunch

When do people in Ireland usually have their lunch?

Different people will have it at different times. Typically it could be anytime between midday and 2pm.

A boy asked you to lunch with his friends but you get nervous easily and his friends are super werid what do you do?

if you like him you kinda like him you should go it will be a good chance to see if he can control his friends around you, and if not that's good to know before you start dating him because he should be able to tell his friends to chill around you and if he cant that will make for a terrible relationship in the future so you should stay clear of that.

What should you have for lunch?


Should fifth graders be separated at lunch by buying lunch or bringing lunch?

that's a rip off! why should they give me 3 solid answers in other words: NO!

Why should free lunch be provided at the schools?

free lunch should be provided at school so kids dont have to pay for their lunch because the school is robbing us.

Should middle school have a longer lunch?

It depends. The times allowed for lunch vary from school to school. If lunch time is so short that the last students through the lunch line do not have time to eat without rushing, they should have a longer lunch time.