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Buy some Bras and have fun! I assume you are male - males who like to wear women's clothes are called transvestites. This is usually not at all related to being gay or wanting to be female, but is just a quirk some men have.

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What should you do if you like wearing women?

I like wearing bras, panties, camis, v-neck tops, low-rise and skinny jeans. These clothes fit perfect and feel sexy.

Where can you get men bras?

well, they don't make bras for men, but you can go to a department store like target or Fred Meyer, and get a womens sports bra.

Which womens sports bras offer the most support?

Nike has tested the womens sports bras for the most support when moving like running or jumping. They keep the chest area secure and won't allow them to accidentally be exposed.

Why do boys like girls wearing bras?

they fell nice and make you feel feminite

How do you drop a cup size?

well they do make womens bras for larger breasts that minimize and create the illusion of smaller breasts than you have. they dont acually change your bust size, but you can see the difference when you are wearing it( my mom wears one like it and its true)

Do sports bras come in different colors?

Yes, sports bras come in many different colors. If you like very colorful bras you should look into the bras available at

Does Miley Cyrus like wearing bras?

she often doesn't wear bras.i think it's more comfy for her.

Do boys wear bras and panties and why?

No, they don't need to because they have underwear of their own. Sometimes, if the boy feels like wearing one.

Are bikinis like bras?

they are not like bras the material is completely different

Men wearing bras?

Although it may sound strange why not? There are some men who like it to wear a bra. Ok. So what´s wrong with that?

Why men don't wear bras?

Men don't wear bras because they like having erected nipples, and the bras will keep them inserted. The bra will degrade the man, and the men like being the superior sex. Wearing a bra will make them look silly, and therefore undermine their authority as a male. However, some men desperately need them.

I've been wearing strapless bras for a while now . i feel like they mighbe getting bigger but i cant know for sure . Can strapless bras make boobs bigger?

yes; the boobies are just hanging there

Are you gay if you like wearing women's panties and you like transvestites but don't like men?

Wearing womens clothing does not make you gay. Wanting to have sex with men and no desire to have sex with women pretty much meets the label requirement though.

When did women start wearing bras?

When they feel like there boobs are big enough and dont want people to see and watch them bounce. Usually around 5th grade

How can you dress like a girl?

dresses, skirts, capri's,jeans, wearing makeup, high heeled shoes and boots (anything in the womens or juniors dept)

Do guys like strapless or hook bras better on girls?

Guys like bras off girls. it doesnt matter.

If a grown man wears womens clothes then he is a cross dresser so should the same title apply to emo guys wearing girls pants?

no because they might just like the fashion doesnt mean that they are a cross dresser

What should you do if you like to wear bra?

If you like to wear bras, you should wear a bra. If there is some reason that you don't think you should (such as if your mom says you're too young or you're a boy who knows it's socially unpopular), then balance other people's opinions with your feelings. It might be worth not wearing a bra for awhile, or it might be a better choice to wear the bra anyway.

Does Chantelle Bras sell minimizer style bras?

Yes chantelle bras do sell minimizer style bras. they can be found on many web sites like amazon, nordstrom, herrom, and bareneccessities. They sell the minimizer style bras as underwire.

Why do some men like wearing womens one piece swimsuits?

Women I like , I like whatever they wear. Because they choose to, it is not illegal and it is their choice, I wear them because they are comfortable and I like to wear them. However, everyone is different

What should you do if you like to wear bra and panties and you are a boy?

Well, it depends. If you don't like wearing them, try seeking a psychiatrist. If you like wearing them, you shouldn't really do anything. If it makes you feel good you should go for it.

Should boys wear bras in public?

If you mean without a shirt NO... But with a shirt they would look like they had boobs so NO!

Do men like bras?

some men do

Do boys like girls with bras?


How old do you have to wear padded bras?

Well of course there isn't an age limit. It's just some girls may want a little shape or to look bigger but for me I'm 11 and I like to wear padded bras (but not to bed I've read it'll be bad for your girls later in life) because it seems like every other bra without padding nipples can show through and it seems Luke EVERYONES wearing padded bras these days.