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Q: What should I do next if my guppy fish had internal parasites and after treatment now he won't eat or poop and just lays on the bottom of the tank?
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What treatment should be done regularly to maintain digestive health and prevent internal parasites?

Dewormed - HorseIsle 2 Answers

So if you want to maintain digestive heath a horse should be to prevent internal parasites?

To maintain digestive health and overall health, a horse should be regularly de-wormed to remove internal parasites.

To maintain a horse's digestive health a should be what reagurly to prevent internal parasites?


Why do horses rub tails causing loss of hair and making sores?

maybe lice or other parasites Lice or internal parasites can cause the rubbing, the horse should be dewormed and checked for parasites.

How often should you worm your dog?

If your dog does end up with an internal parasite, treatment will begin only when the parasite has been accurately identified, since there are different treatments for different types of parasites. You can also talk to your veterinarian about preventative medications that you can give to your dog for certain types of parasites.

If some one in your home has found out they have parasites does everyone in home need treatment?

Well since its a parasite and not a bacteria another person can't catch it but it depends how they got it. If they got it from food they ate and you ate the same you should get checked. The bottom line is parasites are not contagious. You should also get checked if it was caused by a mosquito.

What does it mean when white worms come out of human anus?

This person has parasites and should go see the doctor for treatment.

Can your dog get sick if he ate a few mouse droppings?

Probably not get sick, but can get internal parasites! Should get dog to Vet right-away.

How could malaria be prevented knowing the life cylce of parasites?

Isolation and treatment of the patient of malaria should be done. Mosquitoes should be eradicated by eliminating the breeding places.

Why do your goldfish lay on the bottom of the tank?

The fish probably has an internal bacterial infection or is being bombarded by parasites, such as flukes (parasitic flatworm). To treat, raise the salt concentration in the tank to 0.3% and treat the tank with an antiparasitic medication such as fluke-tabs. This should eliminate any parasites that may be causing problems. Now to treat for an internal bacterial infection start the fish on antibiotic medicated food- this should kill off any bacteria residing in the fish's insides that are causing problems.

How often should you clean a boiler?

Internal STEAM yearly Hydronics not to often depending on water treatment

What are the chances that a gecko you caught will die in captivity?

As long as the animals needs are being met, feeding and husbandry, the animals only other risks are internal or external parasites. Quarantine the animal for 30 days and this should rid of any parasites.

Can you give you information on sweet-age on horse mane?

Sweet-age, or sweet-itch? Sweet itch is caused by parasites. You should talk to your vet about treatment, but I would shave the horses' mane to aid in treatment.

What should you do if your puppy has parasites?

Take him to the vet.

How do you get rid of wolf worms in dogs?

There is no such parasite called Wolf Worms. There are many other internal parasites, such as round worms, whip worms, hook worms, tape worms, etc. You should have your dog checked for parasites. Take your pet to be checked up by a Veterinarian & take a small sample of his or her feces in with you too so the Vet can check it for parasites.

Why does your cat have soft stool with bloody mucus in it?

Your cat may have any number of disorders that you should seek veterinarian treatment for; but in most cases small amounts of blood tinged mucus in loose stool may be indicative of intestinal parasites (usually tape worm) that require prescription medication to eradicate. You may also be able to take a sample of the stool to your vet to determine for parasites and need for additional treatment with antibiotics along with an antiparasitic. Intestinal parasites CANNOT be eradicated with over the counter medications. And in all cases of your pet's health a professional should be consulted to ensure that appropriate treatment/interventions are taken.

What bugs get on birds?

the top answer for that is parasites. Some of their parasites can be very dangerous to us so we should never touch wild birds

Where are parasites found?

parasites can be found in meat like pork,chicken, beef and fish and unfilitered water there is a way yo can find out if it has parasites in it by getting raw pork and put coke leave it for 2 hours come back u should see parasites if u don't see the in there then it doesn't have parasites in your pork.

Where should internal drives be installed in a computer?

in internal bays

Is it agains the law to have ticks on your dog?

Ticks and other parasites should be removed or treated as soon as possible as many countries have strict Animal Welfare laws saying that if a dog with parasites is left untreated then it is neglect. You should definitely get your dog treated before the parasites breed.

What should the internal temperature of shrimp be?

The internal temperature for shrimp should be 120 degrees F.

Should worms be alaive after getting shots?

Most shots are not given to treat parasites and will have no effect on them. Typically worms (parasites) are treated with oral medications.

Why does your red eared slider eat its waste?

Any or all of the following reasons:(a) You're not feeding it the correct food(b) you're not feeding it enough !(c) It's possible it has internal parasites (worms) or(d) You're not cleaning it out as often as you should !Solutions :(a) Change its diet(b) Give it a little extra(c) See a vet and get some treatment as soon as possible(d) You should be cleaning its waste out as soon as it appears.

Why should you treat worms in your pet?

Left untreated, internal parasites like worms can cause your pet significant pain and eventually death due to malnutrition and/or anemia. Some intestinal worms (like hookworms and roundworms in dogs and cats) can also infect humans and cause severe damage to the internal organs.

What are parasitic flagellates?

Parasites are what feed on your nutrients, as you should know. Flagellum is almost tail-like structure in a prokaryote. Parasitic Flagellates, therefore are parasites with flagellum