Cloud Computing

What should I know about cloud computing?

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2012-02-15 17:24:03

You should know a lot about it. It is a really intense computing

cloud thing you should really know about. IT is rather important

for everything. Do it.

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2020-05-30 23:17:18

It depends on who you are.

If you're in DevOps - everything.

If you're IT Staff - you need to understand networking: how computers communicate both within the cloud, and to your local network. VPN, routing, DNS.

If you're a CIO - Cloud Computing reduces IT staff and increases uptime. Moreover, it allows you to scale with the company quickly.

If you're a CEO - it's a good buzz word to use in your meetings.

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2020-05-04 01:24:01

that there are no computers in the clouds.

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