What should Room temperature be at to keep a humidor for cigars?


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Ideal conditions for a humidor are 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 70% humidity .Keep your humidor from direct sunlight .

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I think that depends primarily on the kind of cigar you want to purchase. You can go to most gas station stores and buy Swisher Sweets or Black 'N Milds for relatively cheap -- under $5. Some cigars can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on their origin, the type of tobacco and how it was processed, and if it is aged for a certain amount of time before it is sold. Most major cities have cigar clubs, a place where you can smoke expensive cigars with other cigar aficionados in a room known as a "humidor." A humidor just keeps the room at a certain humidity that is best to store tobacco and cigars. Also, you might want to check out a magazine called "Cigar Aficionado," which is a great resource for people who want to know more about the art of really fine tobaccos.

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