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all i can say is goooooood luck yo.First of all, you need to get a lot of love and support from family and friends. Don't be afraid to ask. Take care of your body and get regular medical attention.

On January 26, 2003 I gave birth to twins, at the age of 14. In no way was I ready to be a mother, expecially of twins but when you are given the gift of two beautiful children you shouldn't run from that responsibility. You have to grow up for these little angels and become a mother. If you can make the decision to sleep with someone, then you should be able to handle the consequences whether its one child or two. If you honestly can't handle two children adoption is a great option.

CONGRATULATIONS! I know that might not have been your first reaction, but you really are blessed! You live in America (I assume), and we are so blessed here to have doctors with skills, knowledge, and resources to more than adequitly handle a 14 year old delivering twins!!! So don't worry to much about that; just get good medical care from the beginning. If you don't have insurance, check out Medicaid. It is much easier to qualify for "pregnancy medicaid" than "regular" medicaid! Just don't get an abortion because you think your body can't handle birthing. There are actually many physical (not to mention emotional and psychological) complications that often go along with abortion as well, so to make that seem the "safer" alternative for you is misleading! Unfortunately it is somewhat "taboo" to talk about the complications and consequences, but they are real and should not be skipped over! Lastly I'd say enjoy your pregnancy, even if you decide to "give them up" for adoption, you can still enjoy the 9 months you get to have them with you! You will learn a lot about your body and yourself! It might be a little overwhelming at times, but just remember you can always talk to God about it. He loves to listen and help! Jesus loves you, and I'll pray for you!

She needs to think about how she is going to support these babies with the boy that helped get pregnant. The parents of the two families need to get involved whether you plan on keeping them or not. This is your decision ultimately because it is your body. Im sure you know the choices you have. Have the babies and struggle for the rest of your young life if you have no help or support. Have the babies and give them up for adoption to a couple/family that can give them the life they deserve or abort. I hope that what ever decision they make they make them with the babies in mind first. Then I hope they use protection in the future or abstain from sex all together. What did they think was going to happen, did they think this a game, tough game to learn at 14 and for babies that didnt ask to be born. I hope these two individuals and their families are going to be stand up people and not go on the system, me and other responsible tax paying citizens shouldn't have to pay for others who do not do the right thing for themselves. This just gets my goat, 14 and pregnant. whats the matter is their no better activities for 14 year old to do and where the hell were the parents of these to kids. Babies having babies, how nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well because you know your having twins im assuming that u have been receiving medical care and im assuming that your parents know, so really id say a 14 yr old in ur situation should buy 2 of everything that cant be shared by the babies and expect to get really big, really soon.

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Q: What should a 14-year-old do if she is having twins?
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