What should a 14 year old do if her 18 year boyfriend got her pregnant?

1) Verify the pregnancy by seeing a doctor. 2) Talk to the doctor about your options. 3) Decide whether you want to keep, abort, or adopt the baby. Consider your financial situation as well as your relationship with your boyfriend. Do you want to be connected to him for the rest of your life? Who is going to pay for everything? What if the baby has issues? What if the baby can't breastfeed? (I am a special needs parent as well as a formula feeding one, and it is SO expensive!!) In my opinion, your best choice would be adoption or abortion, simply because you should be able to enjoy being a teenager and graduating high school. Babies are a TON of work. But ultimately it is your choice. 4) Talk to both your and your boyfriend's parents, together. Tell them what you have decided. 5) Your boyfriend might be charged with statutory rape, depending on the law of where you live and if your parents decide to press charges. 6) Whatever you decide, talk to your doctor about birth control options for after the abortion or birth of the baby. An IUD might be a good choice. Make your boyfriend wear a condom. Prevention is key. Good luck. Choosing what to do when you have a surprise pregnancy is a huge responsibility and the first huge parenting decision you will make. Hopefully you have a good support system. And remember that babies aren't like in the Huggies commercials....maybe before you make your choice, you can see if you can find someone who will let you babysit their baby. It can give you a vague idea of what it is like. Hugs!