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What should a 14 year old do if she is 5 foot 2 and weighs about 145 pounds?

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Consult a doctor about better management of her weight.

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How many calories should a 13-year-old girl consume daily if she is 5 foot and weighs 121 pounds?

1200 calories

Is a 4-year-old overweight if he weighs 84 pounds?

A 4-year-old is overweight if he weighs 84 pounds. On average, a 4 year old boy should weigh about 35 pounds.

How much should you weigh if you are 12 and 5 foot?

As long as you eat right and exercise you shouldn't worry about your weight. But, the average 5 foot 12 year old weighs about 85-110 pounds.

Is it unhealthy if a 11 year old weighs 52 pounds?

she is underweight. Atleast she should way 90 pounds

What should I weigh if I am a 5'7 13 year old who weighs 137 pounds?

What should I weigh if I am a 5'7 13 year old who weighs 137 pounds? Generally, that is a common weight for a 13 year old. But it does depend on height. And bone and muscle density.

Is a 5 foot ten 12 year old that weighs 113 pounds overweight under weight or just right?

pretty good my son is 4 foot 10 and weighs 78 so your good

Is a 10 year old girl that weighs 93 pounds and 4 foot 11 inches tall healthy?


What is the weight of most 12 year old girls?

Im a twelve years old girl that weighs 88 pounds and is the height of 5'1 but im under weight, it should be between 94.5- 128 pounds is the weight you should be if you around 5 foot

How many calories should a 12 year old girl that weighs 107 pounds and is 5'3 eat a day?

A 12 year old girl who only weighs 107 pounds should not be concerned with calories. You look fine. Go play.

What should a nine year old weigh?

An average nine year old should weigh maybe 72 pounds. My cousin Jenny is 10 and she weighs 57 pounds. But it depends on who it is.

How much should a normal 2 year old weigh?

I have a 2 year old sister and she weighs 26 pounds. So the baby should weigh around 20 pounds.

How many calories should a nine year old eat per meal who weighs 70 pounds and is 4 foot 8 inches?

This is a question for your Physician. Only he/she can give you a healthy and appropriate answer.

What is are Sarcosucus?

A sarcosucus is a 40 foot 100 million year old crocodile which is extinct and weighs about 16,000 pounds and has a bite pressure of 18,000 pounds around 12 tonnes.

How much should a 1 year old french mastiff weigh?

should be around 100 pounds. Mine is a year old and weighs 105.

A girl weighs 117 pounds how much should she a 10 year old weigh?

first she should learn how to spell.

Is it okay for a five foot one seventeen year old girl to weigh 85 pounds?

it is not okay, if she is 17 and weighs 85 pounds she has a weight problem and should see a doctor as soon as possible. they would probably say she is under weight.

How much should a five foot three inch eighteen year old weigh?

400 pounds 400 pounds

How much should a 4 foot 5 inches 10 year old weigh?

Your weight should be between 72 pounds to 75 pounds.

Should I be concerned my 14 year son is 4'10 and weighs 70 pounds?

Yes a 4'10" boy should be at least 85 pounds unless he's a ginger

How tall will a 11 year old male be if he weighs 105 pounds and is 5 foot 1 inch?

If he is 5 foot 1 inch tall ... that's how tall he is.

How many pounds should a 16 year old girl who is 5'5 and weighs 145 pounds eat to lose weight?

1500 calories

How many calories should a 13 year old that weighs 87 pounds eat?

About 1,600 calories.

How much should a 40 year old man weigh?

The average 40 year-old man weighs about 145 pounds.

How much can Siamese cats weigh?

I have three currently my 16 year old weighs 9 pounds, my 12 year old weighs 13 pounds, and my 6 year old weighs 22 pounds. My 6 year old is just odd and the others were never this big.

What should a 16 year old boy who is 6 foot weigh?

200 pounds or so