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What should a 15 year old boy do if his 16 year old girlfriend is pregnant when he will be sixteen in four months when it's born though and what should I do in those four months?

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2011-09-13 12:55:49

Your world is about to make a big change. First you have to find

someone that has a caring heart to help you make the right choices

for the three of you hopefully your parents but if not find someone

that's not just about abortion worst thing murder. Adoption is an

option if there is no support in helping you both Yes this is a

miracle already taking place & its a big part of you. Just

always remember as you raise this child its truly a miracle. Dont

let the uglyness of this world get in the way & push in front

of your children - Its your own choice now from today. What the

world says you can do Sex,Drugs,Drinking. If I can ASK you to sit

down & make a list of all of the things that you would want to

do for yourself & your future family what would they be?

Maybe a Teacher,Electrican,Doctor,Writer,Preacher,milatary!!

What ever it is Pray & ask JESUS to help you EVERYDAY & to

give you a compassionate heart. Your Boy or girl will look into

your eyes with LOVE & TRUST & God will BLESS you alot. This

is the first time that I have been on this site I know that i was

suppose to read your Question. There are many miralces happening

everyday we don't look for them. But the biggest one that you will

ever come to know & you can only find it if you are looking for

it is SALVATION accepting christ. If in your spirit you fill that

what I am sharing with you is even touching you don't let anyone

even this site with any negative answers. Pray & ask Jesus for

direction in ALL MATTERS & trust-faith & look for them to

come. If you need to talk more write me. I live in Colorado. Use

name Colorado to write me. I pray for you three.

Dont push God onto anyone. Its not right to shove God down

someones throat like that. It says right in the Bible not to.

Hypocrite. Ok kid what u need to do is sit and have a talk with

some adults about your problem. The one thing you really shouldn't

do is have an abortion like the first dude said. Its basically

murder. Adopting out really isn't a good idea either since u should

be the one to raise ur child. Just do whatever u think is best and

hope that its the right thing to do.

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