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See a dermatologist.

hahaha you got herpes

2009-02-12 16:57:00
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How long does it take for a mustache to grow back?

It varies from person to person. Each of us grows facial hair at slightly different rates. From my personal experience, I would say about two weeks for a mustache of reasonable length.

What are some of Dr Watson's characteristics?

Mustache, slightly thick set but not fat, square jaw. And as just a fancy, I think he had blue eyes and black hair

What advantages does the most recent iPod Nana have over previously released versions?

The most noticable deffernces are a slightly larger screen and image and video capture capabilities.

Cold sores in mouth do they travel down your throat?

No, they are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus that only likes to set up shop in your lips. Caution - Although Herpes 1 (coldsores) is a slightly different virus to Herpes 2 (Genital herpes) it can be transferred to your genitals and have similar effects. So if you have a coldsore try not to directly touch it and then your genitals as this could transfer the virus and have some pretty unpleasant and lifelong effects, there is no cure for Herpes Simplex 1 or 2 although treatment is getting better and work is underway to find a vaccine. Also don't engage in oral sex with anyone when you have a coldsore - you can transfer it that way too

What traits describe Steven Spielberg?

physical traits? Recently - Dark grey/ light grey hair. Grey short beard,mustache/stubble (slightly changes). black, quite small round glasses. warm eyes, and a friendly smile. And usually wears a cap, famous for it. (when he's filming)

How do you say slightly in Korean?

약간 slightly 조금 little, slightly, lightly 약하게 weakly, slightly, feebly

Is distance between earth and sun remains same throughout the year?

No, it varies slightly.No, it varies slightly.No, it varies slightly.No, it varies slightly.

How can one directly purchase a Mercedes-Benz?

You should have an authorized Mercedes dealership near your area. Depending on your price budget you can purchase a brand new Mercedes automobile, or you can purchase a previously owned Mercedes for slightly less.

Is the word slightly a preposition?

No, slightly is an adverb.

What part of speech is slightly?

Slightly is an adverb.

What is slightly hazy?

Blurry, slightly foggy.

What is the the prefix of slightly?

Slightly does not have a prefix.Slightly has a derivational suffix of -lyThe root word is slight.

What is the slightly charged part of a water molecule in a solution?

both, the H is slightly + and the O is slightly -

The blood is slightly basic and urine is acidic or the blood is slightly acidic and urine is basic?

The first choice. Blood is slightly basic and urine is slightly acidic.

What is a slightly moveable joint?

A slightly moveable joint is a fixed bone that can only move a little or slightly.

Does slightlier mean more or less Than slightly?

It means slightly more slightlier than slightly, which means slightly more than slight, but quite as much slightlier as slighliest. Hope this slightly helps.

What do you do if you hear a slightly funny joke?

slightly laugh

Use the word slightly in a sentence?

This is slightly stupid.

Is slightly a verb?

No. Slightly is an adverb, because it modifies the verb, or the action, in a sentence. For example, in the sentence:He moved slightly to the left.the adverb slightly modifies the verb moved.

Would back pressure be decreased without catalytic converter?

Slightly, yes.Slightly, yes.

What causes polarity in a water molecle?

The fact that oxygen has a slightly negative charge and the hydrogens have a slightly positive charge makes the moluecule slightly polar, because its slightly unbalanced.

Where is the cattle ranch in wolfquest?

The Cattle Ranch is located slightly north of the creek, on the right-most side of the map.The cattle ranch is marked as number 9, and is available after having pups. It was previously available before, though I think the WolfQuest Team have patched it.php

What does contract slightly mean?

it means to close or tighten slightly

Are weak bases slightly or very soluble in water?


How do you make a sentence with slightly for children?

This person was slightly ahead of you.