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a 5th grade girl should weigh about 85 to 95 pounds

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Q: What should a fifth grader girl weigh?
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Should you weigh 109 pounds in fifth grade?

Well, you should NOT weight that much. The average weight for a SIXTH GRADE GIrL is almost 90 pounds, so if you are in fifth grade you should probably weigh less than sixth grader.

Can a fifth grader love a girl?

Yes. Why cant a second grader like a girl? So yeah.

How much does the average fifth grader weigh?

About 73 lbs if it's a boy, 75 lbs if a girl (girls grow faster).

How much should a 5th grader 11 year old girl weigh?

100-130 lbs.

How much should a 10 year old girl in fifth grade weigh?

It depends on how tall the girl is.

How much should a fifth grader weigh?

a normal fifth grade girl should way 90-75 lb. If on the smaller side of the family you should weigh 70-60.Boys should way the same as girls.Since they are only a child. If smaller boy he should weigh 70-60 lb.a normal 5th grade should weigh 90 to 110I am in the 5th grade and I weigh 90 pounds. That is average. If you weigh less then that you must be really skinny. I am skinny but i am very tall for a 11 year old. So 90 pounds is how much you should weigh if you are tall.My name is anonymous.A skinny 5th grader girl would be anywhere between 68-75 lbs.Standard sized 5th grader girl be anywhere between 76-85 lbs.And a chunky sized 5th grader girl would be anywhere between 86-110lbs.A skinny 5th grader boy would be anywhere between 65-80 lbs.Standard sized 5th grader boy be anywhere between 81-95.And a chunky sized 5th grader boy would be anywhere between 96-105 lbs.Boys tend to way a bit less then girls, but that is not always true.

How much should a girl in fourth grade weigh?

It all depends on how tall the 4th grader is. If they are 5 feet 2 inches tall, they should weigh between 104 pounds and 131 pounds.

Is Madison Pettis on are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Madison Pettis is definitely on are you smarter than a fifth grader last night i watched an episode of are you smarter then a 5th grader that had a girl named Madison on there and it looked just like the celebrity Madison Pettis!

What does the average fifth grade girl weigh?

a 5th grade girl is about 95-110lb

How much should a 1st grader weigh?

That really depends. Boy or Girl? Height? Age? Use a children's BMI calculator to figure it out.

What should i do if im a 8th grader girl and i like a 12 grader boy and i like him a lot?

Forget him :)

What should a 5th grader girl going to be a 6th grader weigh?

it really depends on how tall the person is... I think that it does not matter how much you weigh as long as you are fun to be around and are anice person.........even if you werent then i would still not care how much you weigh i have friends that are a little bit bigger that is fine with me becasue they are my friend and i love them <3 ;)..

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