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What should a girl do when her boyfriend is afraid that she will hurt him and is trying to push her away because of it even though he is crazy about her too?


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Most of us have been hurt in our pasts, but we get over it and I think your boyfriend should too. I think he is using this as an excuse so he won't have any responsibilities in this relationship. Sit and talk to him about it and you have every right to know why he feels he is afraid of getting hurt again. So, he's been hurt by a former lover ... so have millions of other people and they move on with their lives. If he persists on this then I wouldn't put up with it. If he's making excuses now, then there is no future with this guy if you should really fall in love and want to get married. Some men are evasive and use that good old line of "I've been hurt before and I'm not ready to settle down." Unfortunately, too many women fall for this line. I have no doubt part of it is true, but if we stopped living every time someone or something hurt us, then we'd never go out of our homes. Good luck Marcy

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