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Don't TRY TOO HARD to look sexy because it will show and cheapen you, giving the guy the wrong idea. Less is best! Generally young guys enjoy seeing a young woman in a short top and short skirt (whatever's in.) Do up your hair nice, put A LITTLE make-up on (most men detest thick, cheap make-up on a girl.) Wear feminine shoes (mules, or sandles with a heel) and nothing clunky. Of course good hygiene is one of the most important things.

The most important thing of it all is to be yourself and not try to act too cool. Be pleasant, listen to what he's saying and don't be afraid to express your likes and dislikes. You can talk about your favorite group of singers, a single singer, actor or your favorite movie. If you like a certain male sport then that's almost a 98% shoe-in with a guy. DON'T talk about yourself all the time and DON'T repeat gossip. Most guys simply aren't into gossip. DON'T be afraid to act a little independent with a mind of your own. Men don't like clingy females, but some enjoy holding hands or an arm around the waist. DON'T let him come on to you on the first few dates and let him know in no uncertain terms he's going to have to get to know you to be that intimate in the future. If he doesn't date you again after this then consider yourself lucky.

AnswerGirls look too much into this kind of stuff the truth is men don't care what you where and it gets on most of our nerves that you take so much time getting ready and worrying about everything and then get mad at us men when we don't notice....we don't notice because we don't care.....wear whatever you want. Answer

If you are going to the movies, first think of two things.

1) it is going to be dark

2) most movies theaters are generally cold

Most guys really do not care what you wear, as long as you do not smell

nasty. Hygiene is really important for all dates mostly movie dates because you will be sitting next to each other for almost 2 hours. So shower, wear deodorant, and a light perfume.

2011-09-13 12:56:16
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Q: What should a girl wear on a movie date if she wants the boy to be even more attracted to her?
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