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Q: What should a guy do if he wants to chat with a girl to get to know her but she's hardly ever on her own as she's always with her friends and he gets nervous when she's around?
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Damage to the central nervous system is almost always permanent. Chances of recovering from central nervous system damage are very, very slim and hardly, if ever, happen.

On msn how do you be in a common friends list?

You get common friends only if you are always emailing them~ chatting with them~ and many other things that you do when you are mutual friends. But it is still hard to do that because it hardly does that and you cant ADD them yourselves.

What do you do when you have a giant crush on a guy who hardly knows you exists and who you're too nervous to talk to?

Start talking to some of his friends and get ur self invited to some places to hang with him or you can have some of your friends talk to him but that is a little young lol

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What does it mean when he says i like you but i hardly know you?

When he says he likes you but he hardly knows you, he is just trying to say that your nice and all but he needs to get to know you and be friends for a while before you can be "more than friends." It could also men that he he just doesn't like you and is trying to be nice about it so you can be friends.

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You are going out with a boy but you hardly ever talk and you think it might ruin your relationship any ideas on what to talk about and I get quite scared and nervous and shy can you help quickly?

Just act normal! Tell him what u tell ur friends at lunch! Ask how his day was. Just be urself!

What hobbies can you do as a 17 year old girl with hardly any friends or social life?

There are several hobbies that you can do being seventeen. Art is always a great outlet, as well as making and listening to music. These are activities that you can do by yourself or with others.

What should you do when you hardly ever feel like talking to anyone?

I've become this way myself, so I understand. This is when I find that talking with God is always what's best for me when I'm feeling this way. Start small to get back in the rhythm of things. Try to go do some things with your closest friends, people you feel comfortable around. Then from these interactions get to know (and talk to) people who your best friends know. Increase your circle of friends, satisfy that urge to have social interaction.

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Schwann cells are cells that are part of the nervous system, which warps around a nerve fiber and forms the nerve-insulating layer. Schwann cells are not affected greatly in multiple sclerosis, as MS is an autoimmune disease of the CENTRAL nervous system, and Schwann cells are only present in the PERIPHERAL nervous system. In the CNS, oligodendrocytes are responsible for insulating the axons with myelin, but are hardly affected in MS, as MS causes destruction of myelin, not the myelinating agents.

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How do you get a boy that you hardly know to like you?

Find out what he likes(preferably by his friends-if your to embarassed to tell them you like him just say he seems interesting.)