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I don't understand the question. Basically, he should make gentle slow love to his new wife. He should not get drunk, rowdy or bring his buddies. 3 WAY!

2009-04-21 02:08:23
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What should you do if your boyfriend thinks your annoying?

first of all, why does he think you are annoying? i would find out what it is and then try to work on improving it.

Crush on this girl and shes a family friend but she goes to a local school and ive been txting her and you have a feeling im beeing annoying because you always txt her first?

i don't think its annoying because i like it when my boyfriend txt me first, but if he does it too much, then its annoying

What do you do if your friend gets annoying?

Well what you should do first is to be calm and relax or just go out there and say that she/he is annoying you. If she/he gets angry at you that means she/he isn't a good friend to have.

When was annoying orange's first video?

Annoying Orange first appeared on the Internet on October 9, 2009

What should you do if your friend is so stupid and annoying?

Well, first of all, you might want to talk to him or her about it. Tell him or her that you find them annoying, and tell them what it is that annoys you. Also, try putting yourself in your friend's shoes. Try to see if you are actually doing it deliberately or maybe if he or she might have issues. If he or she is only annoying for a silly reason, such as an annoying laugh, it isn't them who is being annoying, it is YOU for being so shallow and cliquish.

Why are the Hunger Games so annoying?

Annoying? Do you mean by the people who talk about The Hunger Games or the book itself? And I think you should read all three books before asking this question, and if you did, I don't think you understood the book properly that you'd call it annoying. How is it annoying, I'd like you to answer that question first than asking a dumb like this.Good day.

What should you pay off first a credit card or a collections debt?

Your credit card because once you pay it off, the collection agency would quit annoying you all the time. They would be satisfied because they will get a part of the money you pay to your credit card. :)

Should every essay be in first person?


Where should you go for New Year's Eve?

To New Zealand because it's the first country to get the sun every day, meaning that it will see the New Year of 2009 first!!

Do you have your period every month when you first start?

You may not have your period every month when you first start. This is because your periods will be irregular.

Why can third cousins be so annoying?

There is nothing special about a third cousin that makes him or her particularly annoying. Some poeple can be annoying. Sometimes annoying people are third cousins, sometimes first cousins or siblings, and sometimes they are not related to you at all.

Why is it that a lot of people do not like johnny test anymore?

Because the characters are unlikeable and annoying a lot of people hate it and it is a stupid show in the first place!:)

Do contacts lenses hurt when you put them in the first time?

Not at all, but they are slightly annoying at first

Just bought my first car it's second hand how do I know how to maintain it and is there anything I should know because it's my first car?

You should make sure to get a tune up and oil change every 3000 miles to maintain your used car.

You love a boy but he says I am too annoying for him to love back How do I become non-annoying?

First of all you have to find out what you are doing to make him think you are annoying. Then you stop doing that and then everything shall be fine. I'm the love genius so just phone me on 07900211499.

What do you do if you are being annoying to a guy but you really like him?

well first you should apologize. tell him your sorry for being annoying and that it will stop and that u just wanted to be friends. if he says yes to being friends then he will get ti see your personality. and if he likes you for your personality then he will ask you out if not, hes not worth it ;)

Was the first Jews black?

There is no conclusive evidence either way. Nobody should care, because the whole point of not drawing the forefathers, which is prohibited, is so they should be equally like every Jew who reads about them in his mind.

Should you be happy when you get your first period?

Yes you should because it is a sign that you have entered your woman hood and have started puberty .If you think about it there's 1 thing every healthy womqn has in common ... They have all had their first period and besides if you didn't have you're period how would you have children

How often should you flush oil on a car?

Every 3000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

Who read the quran first time?

Prophet Muhammed (shw) Because he sent it on to every one Prophet Muhammed (shw) Because he sent it on to every one

Why don't you make your page stop jumping around?

why does this sites pages jump around when you are trying to read it? because the text loads up first, then, all those annoying ads. as the ads load, the page jumps to insert them. it is really annoying. Lee at

Every 2 weeks or so your husband has first urination in the morning and faints and goes into a convolution?

I think that you should take your husband to the doctor, because it isn't usual for that to happen.

Why English should not be the first language of India?

English is not the first language of India, and it should not be, because not enough people speak it as a first language.

Was the first crusade a success and why is it relevant today?

Because they are successful every time

If you text this guy how do you know if you are annoying him when you text him because you feel like you are annoying him when you text first and you're in middle school?

If you feel like you're annoying him then don't text him for a few days and see what he does. I'm sure if he found you annoying (and weren't dating) he would tell you to calm down or something. However, I would recommend to not text him EVERYDAY because then he's going to PROBABLY feel like he's being clustered-up. Nonetheless, as I said, I'm sure he doesn't feel this way, otherwise he'd say something.