What should a woman do if she is pregnant with her second child and suspects her boyfriend of two years and the father of her children is cheating on her?

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2011-09-13 12:57:03

Check it out! comfront him about it. the thing seems to be trust

and if you cant trust him you need to leave because it's not

healthy for you and you have 2 childrern to think about also. I

don't know the situation but I wish you the best.

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You could try to ask him to be honest with you and if he admits it

see if he wants to work it out with you or move on with your lives.

Even if you do wind up working it out how can you trust him. How

sad it is that a "man" that has been in your life for two years and

fathering your children couldn't be a man and be honest with you.

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