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If you're not interested in him, say "No thanks." If you are, tell him thanks, but that you're not interested in becoming involved with a married man. There are moral and legal repercussions when you have an affair with someone who is married. =Answer= Stop lying to yourself and realize you should have stopped this when he touched your toosh. (You were caught up in the moment and any woman loves to find out a man is attracted to her.) He had no right doing that and you should have set him straight then. I believe in some ways you are enticed to go through with this DON'T! Stick to single or divorced men. Don't sell yourself so cheap. Tell this guy off and kick him to the curb. This man is belittling you just for his own pleasure.

2006-08-14 19:36:40
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Q: What should an older woman say to a married man who has touched her bottom and kissed her and now wants an affair to take place at her friend's apartment?
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You have an affair with a married woman?

i had a romantic love with a married woman in my church.but no affair.

Is it possible for a married man not to get feelings towards his mistress when they were friends b4 affair and the affair lasted 7 mths?

It could but I doubt it. He will not last this long with his affair if he don't have feelings for her, after all they were friends before, and being friends shared a lot of things when it comes to their own private life. This married man might not admit how he feels for her but believe me he have feelings for her. If all he desires is sex, it will not last 7 months.

Is having an affair with a married man legal?

no ANSWER; In the eyes of God, married man or married woman who had an affair is not allowed.

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How do you have an affair with friends mom?

You do not have an affair with your friend's mother ... that simple!

Who was Julius Caesar married to when he had an affair with Cleopatra?

Julius Caesar was married to Calpurnia at the time of his affair with Cleopatra.

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Is making out with another woman not your wife the start of his affair?

Duh! yes it is, specially if the man is married or the woman is married. No married men that's having an affair will just jump in bed and have sex. Let me correct myself, there is, a working girl. Most men are smooth by getting to know the other woman. they will become friends first, then will start sharing things specially intimate subject. Before you know it those two are already having relationship. Affair always start being friends and no one can control it except the married man.

Why would a married woman call a single man everyday at or after work to speak with him?

Unless they are good friends, I think she is trying to start affair.

What does Wilson do to myrtle?

He found out she was having an affair and he locked her in the apartment above the garage

What case if a woman having an affair to a married man?

Its called adultery it's in the ten commandments it says you should not have an affair with a married person even if your married or not

How many married people have another affair with the same person from the first affair and why?

ANSWER:Good question; but it will be a bit tricky. I never met married people who had an affair, stop the affair and go back to that person for another affair. The only married man or woman that go back to the first affair he or she had are the one that fell in love to that person. And I think that is the reality that most cheater face.

How do you have a fling?

you have a affair with a married man

What do you call the married girlfriend of a married man?

An affair. 'An affair' is the happening, the person is called a 'mistress'. She is perfect for him because they are both trash

Is an emotional affair worst than a sexual affair?

Definitely, emotional affair is all about betraying your love. This affair is all about connection between a married man or married woman to their opposite sex. Heart is already involve with this affair. With sexual affair is all about lust and fun with another person who is not their spouse..

When a married man flirts with a single mom?

It means he's a cheater. Divorce him or break up with him. ANSWER: It means that this married man wants to have an affair with you, it's that simple. The man I married did the same thing, but he stuck with his reason, that they are "Only Friends"

Can you be friends still if you break up your affair with a married man?

Sometimes but it is always easy to fall into back into the same rountine if you are not very very careful.

What is considered having an affair?

An affair is when a man and woman have sex. If you have an affair it means you want a baby. An affair is the best thing in the world so when you are married have an affair straight away.

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What is to have an affair?

to have an affair is to be married but still have a relationship [love/sex etc.] with another person.