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I suggest you see your doctor. You probably have excess body fat, and maturing boys often get 'breast buds' which disappear as they get further into puberty.

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Q: What should an overweight 12-year-old boy with larger-than-normal breasts do about their condition?
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If you are not overweight can your breasts get smaller from losing weight?


Do large breasts increase cancer risks?

Doctors used to think that women and/or men with large breasts might be more prone to developing malignant tumors, but the idea has never been proven by research, and therefore might or might not be true. Being overweight, however, does increase your risk, and when you are overweight, you tend to have larger breasts. So, if your breasts are larger because you are 20% more overweight than your ideal weight, it might be a good idea to shed a few pounds.

Can jogging cause saggy breasts?

No, aging and pregnancy can change the shape and condition of breasts and the skin.

What is the condition called for men with large breasts?

the condition man boobs is called: genecomastia

How can you tell if your pregnant when your overweight?

Missing periods, nausea and tender breasts are a few early symptoms of pregnancy.

What is medical term for condition of female breasts in a male?


What is one reason the number of great breasts might decrease?

As a society, more and more women (and men) are becoming overweight and exercising less. That could affect the number of great looking breasts.

Are there any symptoms with heterogeneously dense breast?

Heterogeneously dense breasts are normal. Heterogeneously dense breasts are not a condition described by symptoms.

Do breasts grow at the same rate?

No breasts do not grow at the same rate. Everybody is different and when you have your breasts some body else may not have theirs. It's all about your genes and your weight. If your mom or dads mom has small breast it's likely that you will to. And if your overweight some f your extra body fat will go to your breasts.

How do you care saggy breast after delivery?

First, it is very normal for a woman's breasts to droop after she delivers a baby; some scientists think this may have been biological, a way to make it easier for women to breast-feed their child. Once you lose the weight you put on during pregnancy, you may find your breasts will not sag as much. You may also do some exercises to firm your breasts. But the products you see online which claim some magic cure for drooping breasts are just a waste of your money: whether your breasts sag or not is genetic, and it also relates to what physical condition you are in, whether you are overweight, etc.

What does hapi the god look like?

Hapi looks like his: he is overweight with female breasts to symbolize abundance, and is either blue or green.

How do you get your breasts and butt to grow?

Plastic Surgery that's the only way i know. Or if your overweight you could lose weight and it will make them look bigger

Will hulla hoopin make your breasts smaller?

No. There is only one way to make them smaller and that is surgery. If you are overweight they might get smaller if you loose weight.

Does marijuana make your breasts bigger?

I don't know from experience but the doctor said it will make men grow breasts and produce milk. The condition is called gynecomastia.

Will drinking water make your breasts bigger?

No, drinking water will not make your breasts grow. (If you have a medical condition that causes fluid retention, drinking a lot of water can make your breasts swollen and other parts of your body, too.) .

Does eating sour things enlarge your breasts?

No, sour things won't increase your breasts---but it sure will make you pucker your lips! Seriously, there is nothing you can eat or drink that will increase the size of your breasts or make breasts grow faster or bigger. Only genetics and your body's hormones control your breast growth. Since breasts are mostly fatty tissue, overeating or being overweight can increase overall body fat, which also can add fat tissue to the breasts and around the chest and back.

Will the breasts become enlarged if massaged?

No. The only way to get permanent larger breasts if you are out of puberty is by surgery. If you are still in puberty you can just wait and see how big they get. The size is already decided in your genes. If you gain weight they might get bigger but there are no guarantees and being overweight is not healthy.

What causes dark red marks underneath your breasts?

Rubbing from an underwired bra? Or possibly if you are overweight you can get a yeast infection. Also a bit itchy, sore and smells a bit.

What does it mean to have full sore breasts?

If you are not pregnant, you may have a breast infection or other condition. Check with your doctor.

Why are your breasts not as large as the other women in your family?

If you are young, they might not be fully developed yet. They could still grow. If others in your family are heavier or overweight, their breasts would be larger, especially if you are thin or weight less than they do. (Breasts are mostly fat.) It could just be that the genetics weren't enough to gaurentee that you also grew a larger sized chest.

How do you go up a cup size in a month?

A growth spurt, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain. Breasts being mostly fatty tissue do easily enlarge in an overweight woman.

Why does your nipples hurt and are staying hard and your breasts are sore?

To a woman, this condition pertains of being stimulated her body that brings sensation all over her body; erect nipples, and swelling breasts. When a man touch the swelled breasts, a tingling feeling arise that leads to a sexual intercourse.

What plants make your breasts get bigger?

Ingesting plant foods will not make your breasts develop. Your parent's genetics along with your body's hormones determine your breast growth and size. Being overweight adds to the breast tissue but only as fat cells. However, veggies and fruits will give you nutrients.

Do males turn into females when overweight? They might develop breasts, and they have a higher body-fat percentage (an identifiable trait of women). They might even have higher estrogen or lower testosterone.

If you have a band size on a bra of 44 is it maybe because you're plus sized?

Yes the band is the measurement underneath the breasts, and a 44 is big. You couldn't have a 44 band and not be at least a bit overweight.