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What should be done to tighten the steering on a 97 F-3507.3L?


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There are several things that can cause this. First check your tie rod ends. Have a friend turn your steering wheel back and forth and watch each tie rod end closly for any slack and replace any that are worn. Next your steering gear box may have slack and can be adjusted. There is a nut on top of it with a bolt through the middle. To adjust it, loosen the nut about a turn and then hold it from turning. Then turn the bolt in the middle clockwise with a large flat blade screw driver. I would turn it about a half a turn to start with. Then retighten the nut letting the bolt in the middle turn with it. Also the shaft that connects the steering column to the steering gear box is notorious for getting slack in it on those trucks. Grab that shaft in the center between the firewall and gear box and check it for slack. Replace if necessary.


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To tighten the steering you just tighten the nut under it and then your done. NICE


You should take out the Mercedes badge out of the steering wheel. Then you should see a screw inside the steering wheel. Take it out and you're done.

This should be done by a professional unless you are very mechanically enclined and have some specialty tools. Everything from the pivot point up needs to be removed to access the 4 inverted torx drive bolts that have come loose.

You have to loosen the power steering pump bolts and push down on the pump and the belt will loosen to take it off, to put it back on you route the belt over the pulleys and pull up on the steering pump and when tight tighten the pump bolts and your done.

If it has a serpentine belt should be done by tensioner unless it is defective

Should be done automatically by the belt tensioner - if not tensioner could be bad

take horn cap off the center of the steering wheel and you will see large nut holding the wheel to the spindle, loosen nut and then you will need a wheel puller, install puller and tighten the nut down on the puller until the steering wheel frees itself from the spindle and your done.

Should be done automatically by the belt tensioner unless tensioner is weak or bad

No. Once it is worn out, its done.

The advisable solution is to have the power steering system flushed and recharged with fresh power steering fluid. Brake fluid does have solvent properties which may not be compatible with the seals and hoses of the power steering unit and the rack and pinion.

Well if by tighten up the steering you mean there is excessive play in the steering wheel, this is easy....lift the hood and locate the steering gear box....on the top of the gear box you will see an adjustment screw that has a standard flat tip screwdriver head, and also has a larger lock down nut....loosen the lock down nut with the appropriate size wrench...once this is done, tighten the adjustment screw until it just barely bottoms sure not to crank down the adjustment screw, it should just barely touch the bottom of it's travel path...once this is done, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise 1/4 turn....keep your screwdriver on the adjustment screw (make sure it does not turn) and tighten the lock down nut....test your adjustment by turning the steering wheel all the way to the right and left and make sure the wheel does not bind or seem overly stiff....go for a test drive and make sure the steering wheel returns to center by itself fter making a sharp turn...if it doesn't then the adjustment screw is to tight against the worm gear in the steering bok and needs to be loosened up a bit..... I hope this revised answer helps you more than the original 1 sentence answer did...If people want to answer automotive questions, they need to answer them in detail!!

# When the tires are new. # When you feel any vibration in the steering wheel that can be attributed to a wheel balance problem.

have a repair shop flush the system and refill with the proper fluid.

This sounds like it could be the overall alignment of the car. The car should be aligned and then the steering should stop pulling toward either side.

This goes in the power steering pump under the bonnet you should see it located on the fan belt with 2 pipes going into it unscrew the cap and fill to level stated done.

Check your tires. The tread should wear evenly. The steering wheel should not "pull to one side or the other." If either of these is not correct then an alignment is needed.

Open bonnet, when looking at engine directly behind the radiator fan to the right (passenger side) follow the fan belt and you will see the power steering pump with a round black plastic knob. Unscrew, remove round alloy lid and re-fill. Replace lid and tighten plastic knob. Done.

you cant tighten it because it has an automatic belt tensioner. it costs about 100 dollars and can be done at home if your mechanical

It depends if you want to adjust the belt that does the a/c and power steering, or the one to the alternator. The power steering goes this way. First loosen the hex screw running through the power steering pump bracket. Then loosen the bracket hex screw that attaches to the belt tensioner bolt under the power steering pump. Then, tighten the tensioner hex screw that runs through the tensioner bracket. After you finish the adjustment, tighten all hex screws. If you adjust the belt for the alternator. You must loosen the alternator bracket hex screws on both the top and botom of the alternator. This requires going under the vehicle. Then, loosen the tensioner bracket hex screw and adjust the tensioner hex screw that runs through that. When you get the propper tension, tighten all screws and you are done.

Loosen axle nuts. Tighten small nuts in chain tensioner a little, spin pedals to check for tight spots. If OK tighten axle nuts again and you're done.

It can be done but it is not worth the trouble as you will have to take the steering rake out and fit a power steering pump and resivoir it is not worth the trouble as you will have to change the rake and fit a steering pump and resivoir

Take off the valve cover & loosen or tighten the rocker arms. This should not be done by amateurs. Misadjustments can cause valve to piston clearance problems.

To tighten a loose drive belt, find the pully that is connected to the belt. Tighten the pully and then hold the belt in place using the adjuster belt. Check out the related video to see an example of how this is done.

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