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Ideal weight and BMI is a farce at best, everyone is different and the idea of having an ideal amount of mass is ridiculous. The important thing is to lead a healthy life, exercise regularly, eat well and often enough, and be happy. Whatever your weight is at that point is what your weight should be.


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Your ideal weight will depend on your height. There are weight charts online just do a search for it.

Ideal body weight should be based upon height, muscle and bone density.

Ideal weight is worked out by height not age. Ideal weight is worked out by height not age.

For someone with the height of 5'11, their ideal weight should be between 130-170 pounds. This is based on the BMI chart.

To know the ideal weight you must tell your height and age. Cos ideal weight is determined by two main factors # height # age

there is no ideal height as long as ur weight is suitable.

I am 5ft 1 and i weigh 81.4 (i had a wrestling tournament today) and so i think you should be around that. I work out 24/7 though.

More than age, what matters for ideal weight is your height.

Children the age 11-12 the ideal weight should be about 6-8 stone but it all depends on your height and bone structure .

Height. Between 5' And 5'4Weight. 114 to 135There is no set height for anyone because they is based on genes and can vary widely. There may be an average height but not ideal height.As far as weight goes, again there is no ideal weight for a 14-year-old. The ideal weight of anyone is based on height, gender, and body composition.

An ideal height for 13 year old female is 63 inches and weight should b near to 100 lbs.As your for 35<77 lbs> kg the height should be 52 inches

Although it depends on the height of the child but I can give you an idea of calculating the average weight. If the child is 45 inches tall, his ideal weight should be 45 pounds, if he is 40 inches tall, his ideal weight should be 40 pounds. xx inches height = xx pounds weight

The height is 1metre 80-90 and the weight is 82kg

Check this out :

It depends on their weight and height. You can find BMI charts all over the internet. They all vary of course, you can get the idea of what is ideal for your weight and height. You can also find out what your ideal weight for your height as well.

It depends on your height. Go google your height and see what you should be. :3

The ideal caloric intake can't be based on height and weight alone. Activity level (caloric expenditure) must be considered.

ideal weight depends on height not on age.

The ideal weight will depend on the man's ethnicity, his ancestry and his height.

The ideal weight for a woman of your height is between 110lbs and 146lbs.

If you're a 5'7 male, you should be in the range of 138-168 lbs depending on your frame.

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