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cool and dry place away from heat. do not store around stove as most people do. room temperature is ok unless in very hot weather. just store in coolest part of kitchen usually a closed cabinet over the counter away from moist and warm areas.

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Q: What should be the storage temperature for spices?
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What should be the temperature of water in a vented storage vessel should be?


What did they ues for food storage in the Middle ages?

salt and spices

Are there temperature requirements for blood storage?

Yes, there are storage temperature requirements for blood.

Will my sewing machine be affected by temperature in the storage area?

Yes. A sewing machine should be placed in a temperature controlled area. Extreme temperature changes (which is common in a storage area) can produce condensation which will rust your machine.

Garlic storage temperature?

Whole, unpealed garlic stores best at room temperature. After garlic is pealed it should be refrigerated.

What is the storage temperature of frozen chicken?

This temperature should be below freezing. Most freezers are set at a temperature of 32 degrees or lower. The food will be at this temperature, about 28 degrees.

How do you know when spices should be thrown away?

When should spices be throughn away

What is the storage temperature for powdered milk?

At room temperature

Looking for temperature controlled storage units?

I have many antiques that I need to put into personal storage. Are there storage units with temperature control available so my antiques are not damaged by extreme temperature variences?

What is the cold holding temperature?

Cold storage should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder but above 32.

What are the temperature of storage of BCG?


What is refrigerated storage?

Refrigerated storage is storage that is kept at a temperature between 8 -1 degrees Celsius. Basically storage that is the same temperature as a refrigerator. It is useful for keeping food fresher for longer.

How often should you check and record the temperature of the storage container of off site influenza clinic?

every hour

How long cheeses can kept in storage?

it depends on temperature and relative humidity of the storage

Is it safe to eat out of date dried spices?

How long should we keep old spices?

What is the shelf life of schilling spices?

Spices have a long shelf life. Some guidelines for all spices, including Shilling spices, are that herbs should only be kept from one to three years. Ground spices should only be kept from two to three years. Seasoning blends should be kept from one to two years and whole spices from three to four years.

Are there storage containers made for sugars and spices?

Yes, there are. We store our sugar, flour, powder sugar and other spices in plastic storage containers. They are great- durable and easily accessible. They keep everything organized and clean. We bought ours from Bed Bath and Beyond.

What is the best temperature for wine storage?


Does storage temperature affect the pH of lemon juice?

The storage temperature affects the pH of lemon juice. When the temperature is too low, the pH level increases, hence temperature and pH level are inversely proportional.

What temperature is the best for enzyme solution storage?

Enzymes are generally stored at -200C. They must be thawed quickly, used and immediately returned to the storage temperature

Does storage temperature affect the pH of orange juice?


How should you store chemical storage containers?

The best way to store chemical containers is in an airless package with a temperature of eight degree. Also it should be handled carefully and should not get damaged.

Why are spices more important in tropical and subtropical countries?

Spices are more important in the tropical and subtropical countries as it makes the food delicious and rises the body temperature.

How do you set up a cold storage for vegetables?

Sir/ Madam, Vegetables and fruits will have Shelf life and need to be stored at a recommended temperature and Humidity. Temperature and Relative Humidity are the parameters those have to maintained to store vegetables. To store vegetable you should have a Cold storage which maintains the recommended temperature. A cold storage is a shed/room/store which is insulated and refrigerated. Insulation is to hold the temperature and Refrigeration is to maintain the temperature. We have more information and we are also manufacturers of Insulation PUF panels for Cold storage construction. Please write to us for further details. Wishes Sayee

Can you freeze crisco?

It can be kept at room temperature, but for longer storage, it can be frozen or at least should be kept in the fridge, especially if it's not used regularly.