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The recommended weight for 43 years lady with 5feet 3 inches is 115 to 124 pounds.

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i am 31 years of age ,5feet 1 and the docter says i to heavy for my body .i am 138lb what can i do to get rid of some of this weight

I am 61 years old female and 13 stone Am I obese?

Im 4Foot 3Inches and i am 10 years old im short

The ideal weight of a girl aged 3.6 years should be twelve kg.

What should calori intake be for someone 5feet 2 inchrs 47 years old 142.00 pounds

I am 12 years old I weigh 78 pounds I measures 153cm (5feet). Average would be around 100 pounds

There is no designated weight for anyone. We're all different ,different genes, different body shapes, etc. Way back when I was 11 I was 5feet and weighed about 110. But then again I was stick thin with Muppet arms. As long as your doctor says your at a healthy weight you shouldn't worry about it.

The amount of weight you should lose at the age of 23 years old would depend on how overweight you are and how tall you are.

It all depends on how tall you are

you weight should be around 90-110 pounds i do believe.

You should weigh around about 100-110 no more than 110 I'm about 5feet and 4 inches and I weigh only 102 pounds im almost 13

It depends on how tall they are and their frame.

It depends on your height....

Depends on your gender and height.

Depends on your height. I was 11 three years ago and that was about my weight. You sound healthy to me. :)

He/she should be around 25-30 pounds by 2 years.

For a Male of 21 years of age, the avg. weight should be 57- 62 kilos. For a Female of 21 years of age, the average weight should range from 53- 57 kilos.

your ideal weight should be 110. but it depends on whether your a girl or a boy. i am a pediatrician

your lightest you should be is 111-124 lbs and the heaviest you should be is 131-147 lbs and the normal weight 121-135 hope that helped :)

To roughtly estimate weight in a young healthy individual, we start at 100 lbs for a 5' woman and 106 lbs for a 5' man. You than add 5 lbs per inch for a woman and 6 lbs per inch for a man. That would put 105 lbs as a healthy weight for a 5'1 woman. Given variability in frame and desired weight, I would put the range as somewhere between 95-115 lbs.

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