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The ideal weight of a girl aged 3.6 years should be twelve kg.


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The average weight for a girl who is 14 years old and is 5' 0" is 120 pounds. The desired weight should be 100 pounds.

Average weight for an 11 year old girl is 24 to 66 kgs.

your ideal weight should be 110. but it depends on whether your a girl or a boy. i am a pediatrician

The ideal weight for a 4'8'' nine year old girl is between 82.5 and 111.5

im 12 years old and pretty average size for my age. i weigh 110

around 1500 depending on weight and height.

62.5kg is average weight for fuve ft and seventeen years old girl.

A 13 year old girl should be at least 80-90 pounds!

I'm 5 feet tall and 12 years old and weight 116.

Average weight at 2 years old - 28.4 pounds

A 5 foot girl who is 18 years old should weigh between 89.6 lbs and 131.6 lbs. Actual weight depends on lifestyle, metabolism and body shape.

No, this is the perfect weight for a 12 years old girl!

16 years old girl should lift between 25-40lbs for dumbbells. She should bench at about 135lbs.

Im a twelve years old girl that weighs 88 pounds and is the height of 5'1 but im under weight, it should be between 94.5- 128 pounds is the weight you should be if you around 5 foot

if youre 10 years old , it is yet to worry about your weight.

i do not understand i am a 9 years old girl.

a five year old girl should weight 40-50 pounds.

The amount of weight you should lose at the age of 23 years old would depend on how overweight you are and how tall you are.

an average weight for a 14 year old girl is between 108-144 pounds. your target weight should be about 125 pounds.

a 5''1 11year old girl should weight 98 pounds. im happyweighta 5''1 11year old girl should weight 98 pounds. i wish i knew

that is not over weight because a 14 year old girl should be growing and that is a perfect weight for the height

I'm 12 years old (girl) and I'm 4'10 and i weigh 71 pounds. if you can answer my questions that will be great! all you have to do is click on it!What should i do im a twelve year old girl and my weight is seven one pounds while my height is four feet ten inchesIm a twelve year old girl who weighs 71 pounds and is four feet ten inches how do i gain weight naturally

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