What should do before you hit the court for a tennis match?

It is important to prepare your body for tennis. You need to eat properly and stretch. Here are some tips to help you out when you are about to hti the court. Make sure you are well hydrated. It is critical to be hydrated before you even step out on the tennis court. Drink water or an electrolyte laden sport drink such as Gatorade. The sugar in the sports drink will give you an instant energy boost. Make sure to consume a light, high carb snack one to two hours before your tennis match. A bagel with peanut butter and a banana would be perfect. The bagel and banana provide carbohydrates while the peanut butter provides protein. Stay away from any high fat foods and heavy meals within three hours of your match. High fat food will make you feel heavy and sluggish on the court. Take time toog around the tennis court three times to get your heart pumping and your muscles warm. Once your muscles have become warm, then you can go through a simple series of stretches.