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They see better than white eyes furit flies


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on amazon!!! i know it sounds so weird but i was in the same position and amazon LITERRALLY has mutant fruit flies!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1987 Landlord of the Flies 5-9 was released on: USA: 30 September 1991

they dont well actually some fruit flies do. it depends on if they are a mutant type of fruit fly or not. there are also flies that have messed up wings, these types of flies are called vestigial. there are also fruit flies that don't even have eyes. all of these types of fruit flies are mutants and are used for testing.

There are many species of flies in this world. There is no way of knowing how many different species of flies there are because of cross breeding.

The real question should be, does sweat sting when it flies.

The only way to try and kill thunder flies is by using an insecticide. You should look for an insecticide that is designed to kill thrips and it should get rid of the thunder flies as well.

There is no purpose they should all die

no! flies are really not an ideal snack for people. and i wouldn't want a fly in my stomach

They are like a cross between mosquitoes and flies. The are little thin and black with an orange dot on their backs

You could cross breed them and depending on what their offspring is, you can determine what their genotype is.

He tells him that he will have fun with him.

Assuming that we are talking about fruit flies, then you should be able to determine this. Gray bodied flies would be the dominant and ebony bodied flies would be recessive. So, the results can only be a homozygous dominant fly (GG) or heterozygous fly (Gg). If you cross that fly with a ebony bodied fly (gg) and there is a result of some ebony bodied flies, then you know the original fly was heterozygous. If you result in all gray flies, then it was dominant.Source(s):Biology 101

If you can read it, then you are old enough.

The word should be flies not fly's.

The sample size should include several hundred fruit flies, at the very least. The more fruit flies there are in the experiment, the more accurate it will be.

you can say it flies in the air but if you want to sound more sophisticated then you should probably go with The airplane flies in the atmospere.* Atmosphere

Hover flies can be killed in various ways. For example, most kinds of insect sprays should be able to kill them.

you have to have A LOT of flies so just build up a whole buch of trash and they should attack

Not really. If its only a few flies the dog should be fine. If it's a lot, go to a vet's office.

Slugs,catapiliars,flies,slimy things.

It may not survive in the wild. Get another bird.

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