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Q: What should huskies eat?
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Do Siberian huskies eat other huskies?


What kid of plant do huskies eat?

Huskies do not eat children or plants. Or the children of plants.

Do huskies eat cats?

No huskies don't eat cats the just bark and chase cats.

What do wild huskies eat?

Like other dog breeds, Siberian huskies are omnivorous scavengers and will eat anything that is edible (and some things that are not). Huskies have high prey drives and will chase down and eat small prey such as rabbits if they have the chance.Siberian huskies eat rabbits, birds and other small animals.

What animal likes to eat Siberian huskies?

Leopard seals would love to eat huskies. also packs of wolves eat them but very rarely

What do huskie dogs eat?

Huskies eat food. Lol

Why does your Siberian huskies smell like fish and does not eat fish ever?

well huskies are dogs from a wolf pack so the huskies are from the Artic so they smell wiffy but its fine ! they do eat fish but it depends on what bread they are

Can huskies eat oranges?

they can but it can sometimes upset their system.

What does the huskies eat 4 living?

Dog food.

Does huskies eat fish in the north pole?


Does huskies eat birds in the North Pole?


How much do huskies eat?

Huskies eat less than other dogs their size as their bodies are very efficient. Expect a 55-60lb husky to eat what a 40-50lb dog might eat.

Do husky eat cats?

No! Huskies do not eat cats. (And if they did, they'd be sorry!) Huskies eat normal dog food, sometimes sneak people food, or if they have no home, they try to find anything they can.

What Siberian Huskies Eat?

Siberian huskies are domesticated animals. Therefore, in their homes, they eat whatever their owners feed them including a raw diet or dry kibble.

What animals does a Siberian huskies eat?

They eat raw chicken,rabbits,mince,and bunnies.

Which fruit and vegetables can huskies eat?

Jamie Hardies balls.

Do huskies lose all there puppy teeth?

no the simply eat there teeth.

What type of meat do wild huskies eat?

What's a wild husky?

Is a Siberian huskies a omnivore?

Yes, Dogs eat just about anything.

How much do huskies eat in the wild?

there eat as much as 3 sheepa day that in a pack if there are by there self there eat 1 sheep ;)

What do Siberian Huskies eat?

Huskies are known to eat or kill small animals. Examples are bunnies, cats,chipmunks hope this didnt help or disturb you thank you very much please come again.....

What do tame huskies eat?

they eat dog food if they live with humans. but when they don't they usually eat small animals or even deer.

What is huskies diet?

Huskies eat mostly raw meat bones. 80% of their diet consit's of raw meat bones accually!!! 10% is other foods.

Are huskies carnivore's?

Siberian huskies are carnivores they would eat meat if they were in the wild and they have carnivorous teeth which they would use to rip, tear and pull apart their prey.

What vegetables can Siberian huskies eat?

I know siberian huskys can eat finger carrots and no salt green beans