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If you "think" that this guy likes you then don't ask him does he like you.That would be too straight forward.Try to have conversations with him and don't say anything that would give him the idea that you think that he likes you.Try to be really authentic.See how he behaves around you.And also,be yourself.


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If he likes the girl who likes him, then yeah.

you should try to find out what he likes and talk about that and if you like the guy ask if he likes you if he says yes tell him you think hes cute or somtin

The best thing is to flirt with him and see if he responds.

Tell one of your friends to corner him and ask him if he likes you while you hide somewhere.

I think is that he is not really sure what he fells for you...i think by then he should know if he likes you or should be careful with that...

I think you should tell him how you feel.

no^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I disagree I tell guys I think them all the time.

if the guy looks at you or i s talking to his friends and looking at you this could mean a range of things but if the guy smiles at you then he likes you . you should go over and talk to him and ask random questions

i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

Well I think that you should really think about this and talk to both of them. If the guy that didn't say he liked you, if you don't feel like yourself around him I would ask the guy that told me he liked me. :)

if he trusts you, tell him what you think about the girl he likes. if he doesnt stop liking her then, try asking him WHY he likes her. it might get him thinking...

I think if this guy really likes you you shouldn't make a move remember your a lady and I say this because you might not be sure if he likes you back and then drop a hint and then look like an idiot. if you get what i mean .

Ask his freinds and your freinds about it and see what they think about it. Good Luck!

Well......I think you should ask your friend if it's okay.

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

Well depends if the the guy likes you if you dont know that then ask one of his buddies if he does and you think he is the dating type of guy then ask him yourself

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