What should i use to record on my computer for gaming?


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You can use the camcorder's mic to record your computer for gaming.


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As long as you read the manual with the computer gaming software, anyone should be able to operate it effectively.

Depends on what you use your computer for. Nowadays it is good to have from 4gb RAM to 8gb RAM for a gaming computer. 2-4gb for a light-use computer. Office computers should have 4gb.

There are many different computers that you can use for gaming. One of the best computers is the Dell computer. It has always been the best computer used for gaming.

It depends on the type of computer, but some computers used in business can indeed be used for gaming.

It depends what application you use to record PC gaming or console gaming (whatever version you play) For the computer I use Quicktime for Mac as it records gameplay and live commentary at the same time. For console I use a Hauppauge HD PVR to record XBOX footage in 1080p HD but no commentary. There are other forms of recording, which are freeware and shareware.

Many games on a computer can be recorded by using Fraps in perfect HD quality. I use it for World of Warcraft and it works perfectly for making videos to post on youtube. I think it costs thirty dollars and you can get a free trial of it.

Computer gaming software allows for increased response time and a deeper focus.

Yes, Gaming computers can usually be used for all of the basic functions you could preform on any other computer. A gaming computer is optimized for playing games, but still has the basic functionality of any other.

Use computer gaming programms to deisgn it but you have to be a computer technition

Most gaming computers are high end systems, with powerful components. Every day use won't utilize most of the components abilities, but that won't have a visible effect. So yes, you can use a gaming computer for every day use. In fact using a gaming system might actually increase the speed at which certain programs load and run.

One of the main uses of a computer is to multiplayer gaming. I know its super awkward.

Gaming mice are specifically designed for use in computer games. They typically have a wide array of controls and buttons and have a design that differs from traditional mice.

Depends on the end use purpose. If you are looking for a microphone for professional use, a music stores. For home use such as computer gaming and chatting, a computer store.

I use two keyborads for my desktop computer. One of them is for gaming and one of them is for typing.

Yes, the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card is fine for use on a computer that is used for alot of gaming.

Unfortunately you cannot and must have something to record with if your computer doesn't have a microphone, but you can use an iphone and upload its content and then listen to your computer.

Currently all computers in the market that are for gaming use DDR3. 16GB DDR3 is enough to run very powerful programs and large gaming use. Hope this helps

I use a hard wired connection for my computer gaming. I find that there can be lagging when you use a wireless network. If you really want a wireless router check best buy

try to get a gaming computer that's fast and has good graphics. nvidia has good graphics

If you use your computer and have it linked to anything personal, ie. Bank accounts, Personal Emails, Credit cards, phone numbers, contacts, pictures, and personal files then that is why you need to be concerned with the security of your computer. Should someone hack your computer they will have access to anything on it and anything you use it for. However if it is a crap gaming computer for old games and isn't hooked to the internet then don't bother wasting Ram running a Anti-Virus program

as i understand you question u want to record audio in you computer without mic. you can use stereo mix option

you can go on chat sites and on games and all that stuffm and youtube haha. you can us a computer for everything depending on what you have hardware example if its for gaming its a gaming computer you would have extreame video cards never of course but computers can do much of anything again depending on what you have as harware and software

yes,we can use internet on a gaming laptop.

For the prefix kilo-, use a lowercase 'k', as in kilometre --> km. For the slang computer term used in gaming, use a capital 'K', as in 120 thousand gold --> 120K gold.

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