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Line 1: last name

Line 2: first name

Line 3: service number

Line 4: blood type

Line 5: religious preference The US Dog Tags worn overseas while in combat contained limited info, shown above. The 2nd Line also contained Date of Tetanus Shot. While the soldier was stationed in the US, the info on the dogtag included Name of Next of Kin and Hometown. German Dogtag only included Unit ID and a Number. Italian Brass Metal Dogtag: Name, Serial Number, Number of Military District, Religion, Parent's Name, Year of Birth, Home Town & Province. Italy issued another dogtag that contained all vital information on a folded card that fit into a small metal frame. I was stationed in the US several times--Fort Campbell, KY; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Drum, NY--and my dog tags never bore the name of my next of kin or my hometown. Dog tags are 1.5" wide x 1" high, so very little information fits on one. They also don't want to have to run around collecting up "peacetime" tags and issuing "wartime" tags during a deployment. There is a Medical Tag issued to soldiers who have conditions medics need to know about right now. It's red and 3" wide x 2" high, but it's not considered a dog tag--not everyone has one. Now...there was talk when I was in, oh so many years ago, about creating a digital dog tag. It would be like a flash drive, and it would contain all your records--finance, personnel, medical, dental and security. I think they finally figured out soldiers would lose this $40 tag as readily as they lose the current 4-cent variety, and that the enemy can get computers too. HUMOROUS COMMENT when i was in the navy my religion was latter day saint or LDS - some wise guy listed my religion on my dog tags as LSD - i was the butt of a lot of jokes about that one

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