What should motorcyclists do in thick fog?

Here's the answer given in Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: Parts of California commonly get patchy thick fog. Interstate 5 and other highways commonly are the scenes of multiple-car pileups resulting from people driving way too fast in the fog. Often, even if you slow down to an appropriate speed, some other idiot behind you will not, causing big pileups. A motorcyclist was killed this way early in 2002. First, slow down. Use your brakes so you light up your brake lights. Don't drive faster than you can see. Second, dim your lights. The high beam will just illuminate the fog and blind you. If your motorcycle has four-way flashers and you�re going pretty slowly for freeway traffic, turn them on. (25MPH or slower is the typical rule, but use your judgement.) Third, if traffic slows to a stop, split between lanes of cars and get ahead in the jam. This may protect you from the idiot who's still doing 75MPH behind you and can't possibly stop in time before hitting the stopped cars. OR, use the same discretion as riding in rain. Pull over when safe to do so and park well out of the way of any cage that may be trying to do the same, take a break, check out your bike and wait until the fog lifts. If you think it will be an all-dayer, get to some place safe for the day, a hotel, etc. ASAP. I must agree with the second answer and that is take a break and wait for the fog to lift... This is really the best option.. If you can't wait then drive close to the white line and remember it is often a better option to move around a stopped car then hitting the breaks..