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What should one do if they spotted a Florida panther?


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September 17, 2009 6:02PM

Make sure that all your animals and children are inside. If it is a mother panther DO NOT go near it, there is nothing more dangerous in this world than a mother and her cubs. If you see it more than 2 times, call the animal control center and they could probably come out and help you out. But remember do not go outside they are extremely dangerous just like a mountain lion is.

Also be sure to report it to Florida Fish & Game. The "Florida Panther" is a critically endangered species. It is very rare and the only Cougar that remains in the Eastern United States although more and more scattered sightings suggest that the Cougar is making a comeback in the Eastern States where it was once thought to be completely extirpated.

It is dangerous "Just like a Mountain Lion is" because it is a Mountain Lion. A Mountain Lion is a Panther is a Cougar is a Catamount. There all Cougars. There are different nomenclatures throughout different parts of the Americas.