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The usual procedure for the officer(s) to respond to the complaint/call, take down pertinent information (witness statements, etc.) and file the report. Street officers are first responders, once they file their report the information is forwarded to the detectives in charge of such crimes for further action (if any), then if warranted to the prosecutor's office and so on.

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Does your vehicle registration have to be in the car with you when you drive?

Yes. You should be able to produce that document in the event of an emergency or if you are stopped by the police. Check your annual form. It should have such instructions on it.

Which is the most common event that initiates a police investigation of a stolen vehicle?

In most cases, these investigations open when the owner of the vehicle reports it as stolen.

What are the advantags of getting an alarm system for my business?

In the event that a break in occur, this may allow the police to retrieve your merchandise.

Can the police search a vehicle find IDs and run the info when the owners of the vehicle and IDs are not present and they do not have a warrant?

As a general answer, yes, they can. The police are required to investigate suspicious circumstances. However without knowing more specific information about this event it is impossible to give a more complete answer. Where was the owner of the vehicle? Was the vehicle occupied? Abandoned? ? Whose ID's did they find? What were the circumstances of the search? What did the police learn when they ran the ID's? Etc.

Can a gps vehicle tracker protect my car if it is stolen?

Yes, a vehicle tracker may help the police track down your car in the event that it is stolen. If you own an expensive car, this is probably a very good item for you to use.

Can police arrest you for not making car payments?

No, provided the contract was entered into legitimately by you, and in some states you do not attempt to hinder the repossession of the vehicle. In the event you entered into the contract fraudulently, you can be charged and arrested for fraud or attempted fraud. In the event you attempt to hide the vehicle or prevent repossession, you could be charged with hindering the lender, or in some instances for auto theft.

If there are two legal owners of a vehicle who gets to keep it in the event of a break up?

In the scenario you described, If the two legal owners can not work something out between the two of them then the courts (judge) will decide.

What is motor policy and why should it be paid?

A motor policy is a cover that protects your motor vehicle from unforeseen events such as fire, or accidents, and helps you recover the real value of your vehicle in the event that the insured risk occurs.

When driving on a city street you should scan up to how far ahead of your vehicle?

When driving ANYWHERE you should always scan as far as you can see. If you can see a mile up the road and there is a vehicle turned sideways in the road, you can start preparing for any event that may occur.

What can be done when a 4 yr old is touched Inappropriate by a store employee?

If you witness such an event you should tell the person to stop or report it to a store manager. Going to the police would not be the wrong thing to do but that depends on the severity of the event.

What event caused war to break out in Europe?

Which war?

What does a breakdown cover do?

Break down will offer you to be towed in the event that you vehicle breaks down. This is an additional offer that you can obtain through your car insurance or perhaps a added benifit through you cell phone provider.

How do you get to a Nintendo event?

Search on the internet for the location then you can walk, drive, ride some sort of vehicle to the Nintendo event

Why is it important to buckle up car ride?

So not to be ejected from the vehicle in the event that the vehicle is in an accident and rolls over.

Who was in the haymarket riot?

Strikers killed by police during a mayday event

Your husband was arrested for a DWI should the kids ride in the car with him?

Based on one event, where he may have been barely over? No. Even police officers have made this mistake.

Should the event in present perfect progressive tense be without any break?

Yes, it expresses an action that has recently stopped or is continuing up until this moment.

How do police get away with police brutality?

This is a very old problem; even in the Roman Empire, the question was famously asked, who guards the guardians? Since it is the police who enforce the laws, it is the police who have to arrest other police officers in the event of police brutality, and quite often, the police stick together. Police don't like to arrest their fellow police.

What's the best vehicle tracking system?

Low Jack is one of the top selling vehicle tracking systems. It offers live tracking of your vehicle along with theft recovery in the event that the vehicle is stolen.

Would one be required to pay off a note on a stolen vehicle when they had full coverage insurance as well as Gap coverage?

this question has dual legalities each reasonable in it's jurisdiction. Firstly, the act of vehicle misuse by the act of theft is not covered by any insurance clause i.e, non gave permission for the vehicle to be misused. It only gave protection for remuneration/indemnification should the vehicle is stolen to the owner or to a third party on the event of an accident . secondly, ways of discouraging theft acts is enterly an issue for the police pursuant to the local laws and has nothing to do with insurance cover policy. However, note that these answers are only for situations where the vehicle owner is not the thief but another caught by the police and is being cahrged to pay a bill or two. As for the owner of the vehicle, who as at the time of recovery of vehicle must have pre-reported it's theft to the police and obtained a statement which is forwarded to the insurance firm. where this is the case then, there is not need to be surcharged for the stolen vehicle now recovered. since it is assumed a full premium has been paid for the policy cover against such event occurring.( You may take out the insurance policy document( proposal form ) for that risk cover and re-read the little prints again to be more sure of your rights against such surcharge. -lawstudent-

What event ended the Cold War?

break up of the soviet union

Your son is disabled and you live in Missouri you only have truck to get him to the doctors can the vehicle be repossessed?

Yes! if there is a security interest on the loan (the vehicle). when you buy or lease a vehicle, you sign your right away to the vehicle in the event that you default on the does not matter what kind of vehicle it is.

How do you break the white rock on route 224 in Pokemon platinun?

You do not break it. You need to get Oak's Letter and go there to trigger an event.

How many inches should your chest be from the wheel?

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, for safety in the event of an accident, you should adjust the seat of your vehicle so that your chest is 10-12 inches away from your airbag and steering wheel.

A essay on a current event in science?

There are many reasons why you should write an essay on a current event in science. You should do this so that you learn about the event for example.