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This truck has a computer controlled timing system. The timing is set at a base 0-2 degrees with the timing connector unplugged (single brown wire with a disconnect - usually under the passneger dash) Once you manually set & tighten the distributor at 0-2 degrees.... plug the timing connector back together. The timing at idle should now move to 10 degrees - give or take a degree.

2006-07-22 19:30:49
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How do you adjust timing on a 96 Chevy 350 5.7 liter vortec engine?

Basically, You cannot set timing is correct... But, turning the distributor serves only to adjust what GM calls the cam retard offset. Actual ignition timing is controlled by the PCM, based on the information it receives from various input sensors. To adjust the cam retard offset, connect a scan tool to the DLC. Bring the engine to operating temperature, then hold it steady at 1000 rpm. Monitor cam retard offset on the scan tool. It should be 0 2. To compensate for a negative reading, rotate the distributor in a counterclockwise direction, To compensate for a positive reading, rotate the distributor in a clockwise direction. Recheck the reading after tightening the hold-down bolt. It may change. Also note that attempting to retard the cam retard offset reading outside the recommended range will not cure spark knock, and may cause the PCM to store a diagnostic trouble code.

What Should the total timing advance be on a 1995 Chevrolet 350 engine?

The total timing advance on a 1995 Chevrolet 350 engine should be around 35 degrees. This takes into account the advance provided by the ignition system.

What is the offset 2010 Malibu?

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1978 350 with HEI ignition what should the timing be set at and at what RPM should the engine be running when you set it and does the vacuum advance need to be disconected?

SBC timing should be set at about 6-8 degrees advance with the vacuum disconnected at idle, about 600-800 rpm

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How do you adjust ignition timing on 1994 Ford F-250 5.8?

Disconnect the spout connector should be the gray plastic plug on the passenger side fender well (maybe the drivers), then use a 13 mm socket to loosen the distributor. Get a timing light to help you advance or retard the base timing. Ford sends them out at around 8-10 degrees BTDC.

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