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During the Treaty of Versailles, the Italians had no vote, so they weren' t able to vote for anything that would have benefit for themselves. They were at the mercy of Allied forces. The Italians could have suggested something during the treaty, but it most likely would have gone by unnoticed.

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Q: What should the Italians have asked for in the Treaty of Versailles?
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What is the treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty that ended WWI and asked that Germany pay for the war because of the damage it had done.

Why wasnt ww1 the war to end all wars?

Because the treaty of Versailles was so unfair and basically asked Germany to start another world war.

What did the Treaty Or Versailles ask for?

the treaty of Versailles was a very harsh treaty on Germany it affected Germany socially and economically...... it asked for : 1.Germany had to take the blame for the war. 2.they were not allowed to conscript soldiers anymore. 3.they had to pay large amount of depts. 4.they were not allowed to make any more weapons. austro-Hungary must but cut in pieces an in this place must be make different nationality to create puffer zone between Russia and the west Turkey have to give up his occupied zones in middle east

How did war reparations effect Germany?

Under the Treaty of Versailles which officially ended World Wat One and passed judgments on Germany regarding the damages it did during the war, reparations were part of the treaty. This resulted in having Germany pay monies each year to mainly France and England. The German economy after the war was in shambles. The reparations were steep and on more then one occasion, Germany asked that they be reduced. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles, gave political traction to extremists such as Hitler, who claimed that Germany had been betrayed in the war.

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Who was involved in the Treaty of Paris 1783?

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How did World War 1 cause the start of World War 2?

Well, in WWI Italy asked for certain things they did not receive in the treaty. This lead to the rise of Mussolini in Italy. Adolf Hitler based his reign of power after Mussolini and they later formed the Rome-Berlin axis, etc., etc.AnswerThe treaty of Versailles also caused WW2

What was the breast-lavast treaty?

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was the Treaty signed between Germany and the new Soviet regime ruling Russia, that allowed Russia to get out of World War I. The Soviets were willing to give up anything the Germans demanded, because they knew they would be unable to continue fighting the war, and so they gave the Germans whatever the Germans asked for, including a huge chunk of western Russia. Germany was forced to give that back at the Treaty of Versailles two years later.

What was madame de pompadour's role?

Although some people may say Madame de Pompadour was merely King Louis XV's mistress, unlike other mistress' he valued her say on many political matters so much so that she was asked by Wenzel Anton Graf Kaunitz, to intervene in a discussion that led to the Treaty of Versailles.

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Who did Spain ask to help arrange an end to the Spanish American War?

On behalf of Spain's request, the French ambassador in Washington DC was asked by Spain to help arrange a peace treaty to end the Spanish - American War. The treaty, signed in Paris was called the Treaty of Paris.

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How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to World War II?

Because of the way it viciously, and falsely blamed Germany for starting the war. It forced Germany to pay ridiculous amounts of money for ALL the damage done during the war, in which it was only responsible for about a small fraction of it. The Treaty of Versailles was called a twenty year moratorium on the war by the Kaiser and was similarly judged by the abdicating King of Bavaria in 1919. The terms imposed upon Germany and Austria were considered humiliating, breaking up the Austrian Empire while ensuring that millions of German language speakers were separated from Germany. Poland was awarded thousands of square miles of territory that was by no means Polish -- most of it being Belarussian or Ukranian. Several new nations were created that included different languages and cultures with the very British assumption that they would learn to get along together. The fact WW2 started at all was partly down to the Treaty. It angered the germans and Hitler didn't want it any longer the treaty of Versailles contributed to ww2 because it asked for a huge sum of money for the Germans. It made the Germans suffer and they desperately needed a leader. That is how Adolf Hitler got the throne.

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Why didnt the World War 1 Allies stop Hitler from breaking the Treaty of Versailles?

They thought giving in to Hitler would satisfy Hitler so much that he would stop. Hitler had a right to defend his country and the allies did not know that the main German army was being made and trained in Russia. Hilter asked for land that the populace said they wanted to be part of Germany or places that had German majorities.