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i believe anything over 115psi should be fine. 115psi is the service minimum, as in if it drops below that the engine needs a rebuild

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What do you do if one of the cylinders are not firing on a 1995 Plymouth Acclaim 4-cylinder 2.5?

run a compression test on it should read about 150 i think bad head gasket or crack in head.

What is the oil mixture for a 1995 Polaris 300 sportsman?

Idon't know about a 1995 Polaris 300 Sportsman, but I have a 2008 Polaris 300 Sportsman and the main particular oil I use for mine is Polaris brand oil. If your not satisfied with my answer, call your Polaris Company.

Why would the 8th cylinder in a 1995 camaro z28 not work?

Bad spark plug or wire? Bad Valve or piston? (do a compression test)

How do you line up the timing chain marks on 1995 land rover 3.9l v8?

Set your #1 cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke.

1995 polaris xcr 600 top end speed?

in the right conditons you should get around 105mph

1995 Harley Softail rear plug misfiring.?

1st check the compression on the rear cylinder to the compression on the front cylinder they should be about the same. 2nd With a spark indicator and the motor running check to make sure you have steady spark if not bad coil. 3rd if both of the above check out ok. replace your intake gasekts the one on the rear is leaking. I assumed that you have already change out your plugs and plug wires.

How many grease fittings are on a 1996 polaris scrambler?

I have a 1995 400cc Polaris scrambler and I count 15.

What is the spark plug gap specs for a 1995 polaris xlt?

spark plug gap for polaris 425

How can you tell if the heads are cracked on a 3.8 3800 Series 1995 Camaro?

A compression test would be the easiest way to determine. If you have little or no compression in two or more adjacent cylinders, you either have a cracked cylinder head or a blown head gasket.

Info on 1995 polaris 300?

what do you need to know about

How do you check slave cylinder fluid level on a 1995 ford escort?

under the hood you should have the brake master cylinder which is larger and a smaller reservoir and this should be for the clutch.

Where are fuses on 1995 Polaris sportsman 500?

Take off the front rack and front slope cover , should be under cover .

What is the horsepower for a 1995 Polaris SLT 750?

80 hp

What kind of carburetor for a 1995 polaris snowmobile 500?


What stroke is the intake valve when the 1st cylinder is at top dead center when the points are matched up on the cam gear on a single over head cam on a 1995 dodge neon motor?

If all the timing marks are lined up it should be TDC compression.

Compression ratio for 95 v6 mustang?

The compression ratio for the 1995 Mustang is: 9.0:1

Olds 1995 Royale how do you know if you have blown a head gasket besides having water in oil?

Besides water in the oil, you will have little to no compression on the cylinder(s) in the area where the gasket is blown.

What is the engine model in a 1995 4 cylinder Chevy S10?

It should be the 2.2 L and the 8th digit of the vin should be "4".

1995 Polaris 400 VIN number location?

The 1995 Polaris 400 vehicle identification number is located on the vehicle identification number plate attached to the frame. You will find the flight below the seat.

What is Firing order 1995 Mercury Tracer?

4 Cylinder should be 1-3-2-4

What do you check for on a Chevy S10 pick up 1995 four cylinder engine stickshift. its not starting up?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run, you are missing one of those.

What is the spark plug gap setting on a 1995 Nissan pick up 4 cylinder?

A 1995 Nissan 6 cylinder pickup should have a spark plug gap of .044 inches. These spark plugs come preset from the factory.

Which side is compression on 95 Ford Ranger?

On a 1995 Ford Ranger : I'm assuming you mean the 2.3 liter four cylinder engine with Fords twin plug ignition system ( The spark plugs for the compression / power stroke are located on the drivers side of the engine , intake side )

Instructions for replacing a master cylinder in a 1995 C1500 GMC Sierra?

how do i replace the maser cylinder on a 1995 GMC Sierra

How do you replace the slave cylinder on a 1995 dodge neon clutch?

How do you replace a slave cylinder on a 1995 dodge neon clutch