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A well balanced meal (all you can eat at your age because you are burning calories) of protein such as beef (that's optional), poultry (chicken/turkey), fish, eggs, dairy products, whole grains, 8 - 10 glasses of water a day (water flushes out fats and toxins in the body) fruit such as papaya (good for the stomach), Mangos, Bananas (for potassium) and other fruits. Apples and Oranges are great too. Natural fruit juices not loaded with sugar. I don't have to tell you about exercise because you are doing fine on that one. Don't over-do salt, but be sure you do get some salt because the body needs iodine. Low of sweets and that includes pop or any beverage loaded with hidden sugars. Sugars give a false high and are not good for you. Even seasoned hikers that once use to take chocolate bars with them for that added boast (a false boast) now take things called "Trail Mix" which is a combination of peanuts, nuts, dried fruits. DON'T OVER-EXERCISE! Unless you are on a team for running or trying out for the Olympics, one can become an "exercise junky". It's not good to over-stress or over heat the body.

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Jean runs 3.5 miles per week while janell runs 13.3 miles per week janell runs how many times the number of miles that jean runs?

3.8 times

What should I look for in a used pickup truck?

You should make sure that there is no major damage. You should make sure that there are not too many miles on it and that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

If a deer runs twenty-five miles in a hour how many does it run in a minute?

If a deer runs twenty-five miles in an hour it runs 0.4164 miles in one minute.

What is the distance a girls cross country team runs?

junior high runs 2 miles and high school runs 3 miles

What is the star name which runs 54000 miles per second?

the star name is zeta which runs 54000 miles

How many miles can tom runs if he runs 60 miles an hour and maintan that same speed at half an hour?

60 miles an hour x 30 minutes = 30 miles.

Your 95 Dakota runs fine around town but on the highway after about 20 miles it seems to flood why?

Replace Your Water Tempeture Sensor It runs your fuel mixture that should take care of it.

Your dogs has the runs?

If your dog has the runs, i would recomment changing his diet and/ or visiting you vet for more help

Rosa can run 4 miles in 56 minutes. How many miles does Rosa run if she runs for 42 minutes?

2.99 miles.

Can I get 200000 miles on a 1999 E320?

I have a 1993 300E Mercedes which is the earlier verison of this car. I have 295,000 miles on it and it runs like a dream. 200,000 on an E320 should be easy if the car has been maintained.

What happens when your car runs out of miles?

Then you fail

Kat runs 3 miles a dayIf she runs everyday for a year365how much more or less than 1000 miles will she run?

95 more

What should I know before I buy a used truck?

Before buying any used vehicle there are a few things you should know. You should know how many miles are on it, if and when parts have been replaced or refurbished, and how well it runs.

What is the length of the Rhine river in miles?

It runs for over 820 miles (1,320 kilometres).

How many miles does 2003 Nissan 350z runs on a full tank?

300+ miles

If someone runs 10 miles in 90 minutes what is their average speed?

If someone runs 10 miles in 90 minutes their average speed is 6.67 mph

Why Ravi runs 10 miles in 91 minutes How many miles does he run per minute?

Ravi runs about 1/10 of a mile per minute.

How long does the Dr. Oz diet plan last?

Dr. Oz's diet plan runs for 11 weeks. You should keep a food log, exercise for at least 30 minutes per day and join a weight loss community while on Dr. Oz�۪s diet plan. After completing the diet plan, you still need to eat the right amount of calories or else you may regain weight.

A man runs 8 miles each day how many miles does he run in a year?


How many miles per hour does a dog run?

it runs 40 miles per hour

If a 1996 Chevy Cavalier has 187 thousand miles should you replace the lifters and the camshaft?

No, If it runs good just drive it; spend the money on something you need.

If a horse runs 1.5 miles in 2.24 minutes how many miles per hour is it running?

40.2 miles per hour.

What should your speed be for running 8 miles?

a good pace for an 8 mile run is different for everybody. first thing first, you should start with shorter runs and work your way up to 8 miles. after all that, your pace on an 8 mile run should feel slow at the beginning, but near the end of the run should feel kinda fast because of fatigue

He runs 2.5 miles in 15 minutes then What is his average speed in miles per hour?

= 2.5 / (15/60) miles/hour = 10 miles/hour

How many miles can you drive a Ford Explorer after the gas light comes on?

After the gas light comes on, you will typically be able to drive a Ford Explorer about 15 miles before it runs out of gas. You should stop and get gas to avoid running out.