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What should the humidity level in the house?


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50-60% is usually a good rule of thumb.

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There are many computer systems that control the humidity level and temperature in your greenhouse. These are great for those plants that need a steady temperature.

Humidity in room under 50%. If it's plywood sub floor moisture level should be below 12 the lower and drier you can get it the better

High humidity outside and a leaky house. What are you measuring your humidity with? Is it reliable?

The level of humidity in the taiga is 35%

A dehumidifier will not cool the house but it will lower the humidity which will make the home feel cooler Like the old saying its not the heat its the humidity with a lower humidity you should be able to raise the temperature a couple of degrease and still feel comfortable

The Soleus does have a humidity gague where you can see what the current level of humidity in the room is.

relative humidity Humidity is the term that describes the level of air saturation.

pollution and global warming leads to increase in humidity level in mumbai

I think it should be somewhere between 70-80 degrees for temperature. Also, somewhere between 45%-65% for humidity.

It seems that 50% is a good level. 40% is dry, and 60% invites mold and sweaty pipes. Use an electric hygrometer to measure the humidity level. A dehumidifier of at least 50 pints per day is recommended for the basement.

Depends. Mine only goes down to %60. From what I've read a good humidity level is the 40-50s range and to buy or rent a Hygrometer to accurately measure the space

What is the normal humidity level at a temperature of 0 degrees F?

For optimal comfort and health, studies show that humidity levels should be in the range of 35% to 50%.One can track her/his home's humidity with a hygrometer, available at hardware and home improvement stores

the average level of humidity in the Amazon rain forest is 50 - 260 inches of rainfall yearly

Humidity meters are used to measure the humidity outside. Typically, these would be placed on the outside of your house to accurately measure the humidity.

The humidity level does not affect the temperature.

As low a humidity as possible, a demistifier machine may be needed. Cooling air flow over components must be as high as possible.

Humidity is separate from temperature, and "should" is ambiguous in this case.

Humidity is always the greatest at sea level and lower altitudes.

A dry room in winter can affect the body and can make the heated room feel colder. Humidifiers are uses to raise the house humidity level. In summer, too much moisture from high outside humidity can make the house very unbearable. Dehumifiers can be used in addition to the humidity removal performed by an air conditioner.

During the fall and winter months, the humidity level in a home averages between 60 and 70 degrees. During the summer months, the humidity level in a home averages between 80 and 90 degrees depending on climate and locality.

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