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What should the output voltage of a 1993 Subaru Imprezza oxygen sensor be?


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2009-02-25 19:23:37
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Oxygen sensor voltages on a 1993 Subaru and most other vehicles should, with the sensor fully warmed (above 600 degrees F) vary rapidly above and below .45 volts. The range of fluctuations can be from .1volt to .9volts. A digital voltmeter will usually average these voltages to about .45 volt. Lower voltages indicate a lean mixture and higher voltages indicate a rich mixture. A scan tool or oscilloscope is necessary to see acurate live voltage changs on an oxygen sensor.


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Absolutely. Not just on Subaru but every car built that has an oxygen sensor. And they all do.

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The code 32 for a Subaru vehicle is for the coolant sensor or the oxygen circuit.

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When a Subaru has a faulty O2 sensor the fuel management is out of whack.

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Oxygen sensors on all cars built in the last 20 years or so are located in the exhaust system. Subaru has them before and after the front catalytic converter.

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Probably referring to a heated oxygen sensor.

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