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What should the rental amount be on a house when the mortgage payment is 900 dollars a month?

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You can rent it out for the amount of the payment like $900.00 or you can rent it out for more or less. It also depends on what area you are from. One area charges more for rent then another area does. Just do your research.

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How do you calculate rent amount for condo in Canada?

Usually an owner wants to cover the mortgage payment and the monthly assessment payment. The market rate will be a good indicator for the base rental amount. If the unit is furnished, comes with access to association amenities or is otherwise 'above average', the owner can charge a premium.

Do mortgage lenders consider rental history?

yes mortgage lenders do consider rental history source of your credit score

How do buy to let mortgages work?

A buy to let mortgage is a mortgage loan that an investor uses to purchase a rental property for producing residual income. The loan amount and the interest rates are different than a conventional mortgage.

How do you treat Rent Received in Advance as a landlord?

Any rent received is just that: payment for the right to live in a rental unit. Advanced rent basically means the tenant has paid X amount of dollars for his rent. If this amount exceeds the month's rent then the extra amount is applied towards future month's rent up to the amount received.

Is there mortgage relief for rental properties?

Unfortunately, mortgages for second houses and rentals do not qualify for mortgage relief.

Which of the following are reimbursed costs for a rental vehicle?

Rental Costs. Tax and Local Assessment. Payment for gas and oil. Transportation to and from rental.

Can you get approved for a new mortgage if you have an existing home which is being rented out?

Yes, you can. You add the rent to your income and add the payment to your monthly bills. The difference is called "positive cash flow" and it's ideally what you want to have or you will be losing money as a landlord. Owning rental property and making the payments on time with positive cash flow is a good thing when trying to get a mortgage, HOWEVER if you are getting a mortgage for more rental property, expect to pay a higher interest rate. The key is to finance it as your primary residence and live there for a while before converting it to rental property.

How does one refinance their investment property?

An individual can refinance his or her investment property by lower one's monthly mortgage payment and increase one's rental income. Use one's equity to purchase additional property.

What is the average amount of miles put on a rental car per rental?

$100 per day is the average amount of miles that are put on a rental car per rental day.

Rental payment income and imputed tax?

When you are able to itemize your deductions using the schedule A of the 1040 tax form and you deduct the mortgage interest to help reduce your income taxes you have a type of imputed income that you have received.

How do you make an online payment with aarons rental?

William Dupre

Make a sentence with defray?

The rental income that the building provides will defray the cost of the mortgage.

Is the mortgage of a rental house considered a business expense?

yes. along with repairs to the property.

What should be included in a rental agreement?

The basics in a rental agreement should be the term of the agreement, the start and end date, the rental price, and the ways that the parties can end the contract. Any default, such as non-payment, should have the consequences included, such as in the event of non-payment, the landlord can evict.

Could rental payment be a tax?

No. Rent and taxes are two different things.

I rented furniture from a furniture rental store. do they have the right to sue for non payment?

If you are not paying, according to the lease/rental agreement, of course they do.

Is equipment rental an expense?

Yes if equipment is leased on rent then rental payment is expense through income statement of that specific fiscal year.

Will stopping payment on crashed rental car affect credit?

Credit? No. But if you crashed the rental car, then stopped payment on it you could be arrested and/or sued. ** sure it would- the company can send you to collections and that would be on your report- affecting your credit.

Do you enter the amount on Form 1098 for mortgage taxes in both the itemized deductions and rental section of Turbotax if you lived there for only 9 months and then rented the place?

Form 1098 (Mortgage Interest Statement) gives the total amount that you paid in mortgage interest on your property. If you lived there for part of the year and then rented it, you need to allocate the amount to two different forms. Nine months is three-fourths of the year. So you enter 75 percent of the total mortgage interest in the "Interest you paid" section of Schedule A (Itemized Deductions). You enter 25 percent of the total mortgage interest on line 12 of Schedule E (Supplemental Income and Loss) for the three months that you rented it.

Can you use your previous rental payments to pay towrad a down payment on a mortgage?

No, not unless you had that agreement in writing with the owner of the property who has agreed to take back a mortgage in a sale of the property to you.No, not unless you had that agreement in writing with the owner of the property who has agreed to take back a mortgage in a sale of the property to you.No, not unless you had that agreement in writing with the owner of the property who has agreed to take back a mortgage in a sale of the property to you.No, not unless you had that agreement in writing with the owner of the property who has agreed to take back a mortgage in a sale of the property to you.

What is the average cost of renting a condo?

When you rent a condominium, the owner may be interested in at least covering the cost of their monthly loan payment and their monthly assessment payment. If the unit is furnished, expect to pay a premium. As well, the owner will price the rental amount on the local market.

Can a landlord break a rental lease agreement early because he did not pay the mortgage payments on the house and mortgage company is going to foreclose?

Depends on the local and state laws.

If a property has a rent payment equalling its mortgage payment does that become a non-factor in debt to income ratio?

Not if you are trying to get approved for a mortgage.The way mortgage underwriting guidelines treat rental income is to give credit for 75% of the monthly rent. This is done to account for maintainence and vacancy throughout the year.If you're charging $1,000.00 per month for rent, a lender will allow $750.00 to be credited towards your debt to income ratio. Using the example above, you will have a loss of $250.00 per month which will affect your debt to income ratio.

How much is rental car insurance in CA?

Rental car insurances in California can range from 200 dollars to 750 dollars. It depends on the company you are with. Some companies are cheaper than others.

What is the goal of the Department of Housing and Urban Development?

Provide subsidies in the form of mortgage and rental assistance programs.