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under the hood there should be a white sticker with idle speed and timing on it

you cannot set timing and idle on a 2.3. all that is controlled by the pcm

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โˆ™ 2009-11-18 02:21:24
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Q: What should the timing be set at on a Mazda millinia s 2.3?
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Where can you find timing mark for Mazda 626?

The timing mark for the Mazda 626 is in front of the engine. The marks for it belt are on the belt itself. The time for this can be set with a timing gun. A mechanic can set this for you.

How do you set timing on a 1995 Mazda MX3?

This is done the same as the 1995 Mazda MX6. The answer is posted.

At what mileage should you replace timing chain of Mazda 3 2004?

The timing chain has no set date or mileage for replacment. It will normally last the life of the engine.

How do you set the timing on a twin cam Mazda 626 four cylinder?

Kindly check your user manual to see a detailed instruction on how to set the timing on a twin cam Mazda 626 four cylinder.

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adjust the timing to the correct spot then make a mark on the distributer

91 s10 2.8l 5spd what should base timing be set at?

The timing should be set at 10:4.

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The timing should be at 6 degrees for a non-turbo, with the distributor vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. It will be at 9 degrees for a turbo, with a test connector for idle setting grounded.

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